Work Aprons for any Application

Work aprons are designed to protect the front of the body and clothing from dirt. This protective garment also saves wear and tear on the clothing beneath. These work  aprons are a common part of the uniform in a business that deals with food. Server aprons particularly have been integrated into the common waitress/ waiter attire. The style of a work apron varies little from business to business but he color and design can become a signature piece of the restaurant‘s identity. The waitress/waiter appearance is one of the first impressions your patron has of your operations. A crisp clean work apron can reinforce that you run an efficient clean restaurant.


Hubert-HubertUS:/Category Content/blue work aprons for restaurants.jpgFront of the house is not the only place these garments can be of value. A work apron can be beneficial to your kitchen staff as well. Protective garments designed for use when dishwashing, filtering or other activities are available. These work aprons are made of synthetic materials to keep the water from soaking clothing or oil from splashing and burning. Safety and protection are the first purpose for this garment.

Work aprons are also for use in retail businesses. Disposable plastic aprons are useful in markets where dealing with fresh meat or produce. These work  aprons perform the same function to keep the clothing beneath clean and fresh. These uniforms help to unify your staff and give a visual cue to customers who is an employee and available to help. Work aprons have been a part of the retail food business for many years.   Memories of the corner butcher in his blood stained white apron have not faded. These same work aprons are worn today.

Waist aprons are gaining popularity. These come in various lengths from mid-thigh to floor length. The style you choose will be determined by the ambiance you wish to create. Waist aprons once seen only in the front of the house are being seen in the back of the house as well. Black as a color is gaining popularity.

Hubert offers a complete assortment of aprons to meet your needs. We have a variety of materials perfect for the job you need to tackle.

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