Headware Options to Prevent Contamination

This headwear provides a covering for your food service employees. Food service safety standards require that food handlers take all practical measures to keep food safe from outside contaminates. Headwear is a natural progression from this standard. This guideline has a several benefits. This headwear will keep the hair restrained and under control reducing the risk that it will fall into the food itself. It can reduce the risk of cross contamination from an employee touching their hair and then touch the food they are processing.Hubert-HubertUS:/Category Content/Comfort Fit Hair Nets are inexpensive.jpg This headwear, commonly referred to as hair nets,  reduces the risk of loose hair getting entangled in machinery or food causing injury to the employee. Possible exemption to this policy are persons having hair less than 1/2 “ in length.

What types of headwear are available?

  • Hair nets This headwear is often mocked in television with scenes of grumpy lunch ladies in hair nets. They are however an industry standard. This headwear is an economical way for keeping hair contained and out of the way.
  • Caps/ Baseball Hats This versatile headwear can be work by employees in many areas of your operations. Kitchen staff, service staff and counter staff will be equally comfortable and stylish. This headwear is available in many colors to match your business décor.
  • Chef Hats These are reserved for kitchen staff. This headwear is specific to the chef’s in the kitchen. In fine dining restaurants only one executive chef may have the right to wear a toque.  Non-traditional chef hats are also available. These include flat top chef hats which fit the head but do not have a bill like a baseball hat. Another kitchen option is the tie hat. These hats fit snuggly on the head to absorb moisture, the tie allows for a custom fit.

When developing a policy concerning hair coverings in the kitchen it is best to consult your current staff. Their input as to preferences and individual needs will go a long way in their acceptance and adherence to the policy.

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