Bar & Beverage Supplies

These bar supplies contain everything needed for your beverage service except the drinks and the furniture. These bar accessories include beverage accessories and display coolers. These bar supplies provide the equipment to make and serve hot and cold drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Beverage service completes the guest experience.Hubert-HubertUS:/Category Content/Bar-Supplies-Keep-the-Bar-Open.jpg

A Closer Look at Bar Supplies

These bar accessories, bar supplies include tools to assist in your cocktail preparation. Garnish holders provide a convenient location to organize the fruits and vegetables necessary to add the finishing touch to a cocktail. Other bar supplies such as jiggers, pourers, corkscrews and shakers are available to produce the libations that your customers request. Bar Equipment including blenders and spindle mixers produce the latest mixed drinks. Bar Supplies such as punchbowls, champagne buckets and wine coolers allow for a presentation to impress. These bar accessories are essential to alcoholic beverages.

Bar supplies include beverage dispensers. These are mainly used for non-alcoholic drinks which can be more important to your operations. These bar supplies like pitchers and carafes are important to your wait staff and their ability to provide customer service. Coffee and tea have moved away from early morning and late night to be a staple beverage all day long. This requires bar supplies to meet these needs. Not only are coffee and tea makers important for brewing but dispensers that meet the needs of these products must be considered. Airpots, ice tea dispensers and cold beverage dispensers are important parts of bar supplies as sales of these items increase.

Every drink needs a glass. Having the right bar supplies means having the correct glass for each beverage. Glassware includes drinkware and beverageware or what is commonly called cups in many areas. The history of cups goes back as far and farther than recorded history. The history of drinking glasses goes back to 3000 B.C. Glasses used for drinking were not on the average kitchen table until more recently around the 1890’s. It is in modern times that the shapes and sizes of drinking glasses have flourished. Today drinking glasses are common place in homes and eating establishments. It is the first thing your customer typically receives in the way of service from your business. It is important that this first impression be a good one. By serving drinks in the correct glass and making sure that the glass is spot free a good impression will be made.

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