Beverage Dispensers

Commercial beverage dispensers have moved from the food service world into private and consumer use. This server that was originally intended to control consumption and add style and elegance to a beverage station has become common place. Beverage dispensers are still a valuable asset for you hydration station.  They provide a focal point for the display and can portray your operations style. Beverage dispensers also reduce the number of staff needed to serve an event by making the drinks a self-service operation.  They are a perfect way to highlight a signature drink, reducing the product offering in a subtle way, helping to control food cost. Some beverage dispensers include ice chambers that keep the contents cold without diluting the product, allowing you to deliver a consistent quality product. These servers are also available with a heat source to keep beverages warm.

Hubert-HubertUS:/Category Content/Beverage-Dispensers-for-Easy-Serving.jpgThese airpots, beverage dispensers are normally used for coffee and tea but can hold any beverage that is best served hot. Food service workers and caterers like the ease of use and clean-up that these servers provide. These beverage dispensers have available signage to help the customer identify the drinks.  The features of our airpots vary to provide one that will exactly meet your needs.

Other types of commercial beverage dispensers include coffee and tea makers.   Coffee percolators come with capacities up to 100 cups. This beverage dispenser is perfect for a large crowd.  Other brewers can work with airpots or decanters for individualized service. Which type of beverage dispenser will work best for you is determined by the type of service you provide.

Pitchers and carafes are generally used for individualized service. These beverage dispensers come in various styles to match your décor, as well as various materials. Plastic is our most popular fabrication because of the ease of cleaning and its durability. Metal and glass pitchers are also available.

Along with the beverage itself, do not forget about the condiments. Sugar, milk, stirrers and other things need to have a place near or in your beverage station.  Many of these items require their own containers which are also available within this category.

What are the top 10 most popular drinks?

Water This is the global #1. It is the base of every other drink and food in the world.

Coca-cola 85 eight-ounce cans of Coke were globally consumed per capita in 2008.
Coffee One of the world’s most traded commodities, after all everyone experiences Monday mornings.
Beer One of the world’s great inventions and it goes well with pizza
Tea The world’s second-most widely consumed drink
Air mata kucing From Malaysia, this drink is a sweet, cold, fruity treat
Orange Juice King of the juices reigning over apple, pineapple and tomato
Red wine First produced over 8,000 years ago in now Eurasia
Gin and tonic Trust the Brits to make medicine (the quinine in tonic was used to prevent malaria) more palatable by throwing in some booze
Hot chocolate with marshmallows This rich and aromatic hot chocolate makes gloomy winter mornings worth looking forward to
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