First Aid

First Aid Kits Treat Many Workplace Accidents

First aid kits provide the necessary things to deal with workplace medical emergencies. The safety and security of your customers and employees is important to the continued success of your business. First aid kits, eye wash and burn gel prepare you for the initial reaction to an accident or incident.  Millions of people suffer non-fatal injuries on the job every year, as an employer it is your job to be prepared. First aid kits help provide a quick response which could mean the difference between life and death. It can also calm the injured person reducing the stress and anxiety.Hubert-HubertUS:/Category Content/First-Aid-Kits-for-Safety.jpg

Customer convenience items, commonly known as first aid kits, should contain items that will treat cuts, scrapes, sprains, burns and other common ailments. Eye wash should be kept in a similar location. First aid kits should also include a sheet explaining how to use the contents to treat ailments. Training for designated employees can also be beneficial. First aid kits need to be in a secure container, visibly labeled and in a convenient, consistent place.

What are the benefits to having a first aid kit?

  • You can treat wounds and injuries immediately The truth is everyone is capable of treating injuries as they happen but not having a first aid kit make the task more difficult. A huge percentage of accident fatalities can be attributed to the lack of immediate treatment. First aid kits provide a better chance of survival by reducing the amount of blood loss and providing quicker medical treatment.
  • You can prevent infection A first aid kit can provide antiseptic and a fresh bandage to clean and cover wounds in a timely manner.
  • You have peace of mind Having a medical kit will make you feel at ease knowing you are ready for anything.

Eye wash and burn gel are also essential to handle emergency situations. The eyes are among the most delicate organs of the body. Eye wash can help minimize damage from an accident involving the eyes.  Burn gel can do the same for injuries caused by fire or excessive heat.

Top 5 Workplace Safety Tips:

  • Maintain a clean work area Not only will a clean work area remove many hazards it will help increase productivity.
  • Focus your safety efforts on the most likely problems The greatest impact will come from removing small safety issues that cause frequent injuries.
  • Watch Employees perform their jobs Look for employees who are taking shortcuts that could reduce safety.
  • Maintain all equipment in good working order. Develop a maintenance program and follow it.
  • Avoid unnecessary hazards Do routine inspections and walk troughs to identify any hazards. 
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