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A Food Display Case Can Be Functional And Have Style

A food display case is an essential piece of equipment in any commercial food operation. These units are used to merchandise product and make it available for sale to the customer. The use of a food display case enables you to present your fare at the proper temperature with a style that will bring attention to the items. Correctly merchandising a product means making sure that it is highlighted, promoted and offered for sale in such a manner that the customer will be enticed to purchase it. The food display case has a great deal to do with this eventuality.

What are the types of food display cases?

  • Temperature Controlled These are available in three types; hot, cold, and frozen. The purpose of a temperature controlled food display case is to offer the product at the correct serving or storing temperature. In a restaurant or concession stand that offers prepared foods a hot case allows items to be maintained at a serving temperature. A cold food display case can be used in a retail store or a restaurant. These are perfect for “on the go” meals.  A frozen food display case maintains temperature while offering items for sale.
  • Specialty Fixtures Unique items often need different fixtures to best present them for sale. A special food display case is often used in produce, floral, bakery, and beverage departments. Other areas of a store may need specialty fixtures such as pharmacy, stationary, and seasonal.
  • Floor Fixtures This type of food display case brings added attention to the featured product. These fixtures are large enough to stand alone and can be used as focal points throughout the location to new, sale or special items.
  • Mobile Fixtures This type of food display case is similar to a floor fixture. These have wheels or casters. As a rack, they are temporary and can be used to create impulse purchases or dump bins.

One of the most difficult things to accomplish is successfully merchandising a business. This means providing merchandise for sale in such a way that in entices the customer and provides the opportunity for your staff to service the customer. Setting up displays, arranging counters and fixtures are crucial to the success of a retail store. Most retailers can benefit from seeking the advice of professional merchandisers. The web can provide some solutions to merchandising, but an expert can offer solutions for a particular product in your location.

Top 5 Merchandising Tips:

  1. 1. Group products together. Ensure that add-on and accessories are close by to increase sales.
  2. 2. Arrange similar products by price point.
  3. 3. Utilize name brands. Brands reinforce the customer’s trust in you.
  4. 4. Stay organized. Clean, orderly artful displays reflect pride in your products.
  5. 5. Use the right fixtures. Never try to repurpose a fixture for something it wasn’t intend to do. 
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