Gift Packaging

Gift Packaging in Many Colors and Styles

Gift packaging can help you provide a valuable service to your customer. In this fast paced world customers are looking for convenience and added value. Providing these things through gift packaging is an easy way to increase sales and find a niche market. Grouping popular items with slower sellers has always been a merchandising strategy. By using gift packaging you are also giving the customer added perceived value. This can be particularly successful around key gift giving occasions. Adding a ribbon, bow or other gift packaging can turn a group of stuff into a special purchase.

Hubert-HubertUS:/Category Content/Gift-Packaging-for-All-Products.jpgFood retailers have used the fruit basket for years as a Christmas specialty. This same concept using gift packaging can be used throughout the grocery or specialty food store.  Baskets can be made using specialty teas, coffees or other beverages adding a muffin or specialty baking mix creates a gift. Gift packaging can be used to combine prepared food items for any occasion.

Hubert offers disposables, including paper shred in a variety of colors to act as a filler and add “pop” to the display. While baskets are the major foundation of gift packaging, bags and boxes are also available. All of these can be covered with clear or colored cellophane for a complete look.  Another benefit of gift packaging is that it can reduce loss and shrink of smaller items by putting them in something larger.  The use of shrink wrap and a heat gun are great for this same outcome.

Aside from creating gift items for purchase, having gift packaging available to your customers to develop their own ideas can be a great differentiator. These disposable supplies can be very inexpensive but this extra service creates a perceived value.  Gift packaging can be used in your everyday operations to create this same upscale appeal. Adding tissue wrap to delicate purchases makes the customer feel you understand quality. Utilizing frosted plastic bags instead of t-shirt or paper bags can improve the image of your operations.

What fruits could be included in a fruit basket?

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Mangoes
  • Oranges
  • Pineapples
  • Pomegranates

What are some types of Gift Baskets?

  • Fruit
  • Dry, canned or bottled goods
  • Flower
  • Plants
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Party Supplies

For what occasions are gift baskets appropriate?

  • Christmas
  • Graduation
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Baby shower
  • Housewarming
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Sweetest Day
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