Produce Packaging

Capture consumer attention with produce packaging

The produce section is likely the first area that shoppers are exposed to when entering a grocery store. Hubert's wide selection of produce packaging guarantees that your venue will impress and drive profit.

Maintaining the produce section is an essential part of visual merchandising. This area makes a lasting impression on consumers entering the venue. All aspects of this space play an important role in the overall atmosphere of the store, including produce packaging.

Know the importance of good packaging
The visual appeal of a food item relies heavily upon the vessel it is kept in. Fruits and vegetables boast many colors, all of which can be highlighted with proper produce packaging. For example, colors and textures can be enhanced with the right items. Furthermore, there are many options that can be explored, from colorful foam trays, to clear plastic containers, to net bags or eco-friendly fiber packaging. All of these will influence the overall look of the produce section as well as the fruits and vegetables themselves.

Work with color
Fruits and vegetables provide a wide color palette, and Hubert's produce packaging allows you to work with these hues to create the effect that you would like to feature.

Food trays and saran wrap can hold a number of fruits, ensuring visibility and convenient handling for consumers and employees. Hubert carries these vessels in white and black. These neutral tones allow the brightness of fruits and vegetables to stand out. White can provide a sense of cleanliness, while black evokes a touch of elegance.

Clear plastic containers can be used for fruits and vegetables to go. These fulfill the criteria of form and function, showing off the freshness of the produce while serving as an easy container that consumers can quickly  pick up, purchase and enjoy.

Hubert also offers net bags, available in a variety of colors and sizes. When selecting these, find the color that matches that of the produce being featured. This will increase the visual appeal of the fruits or vegetables. A contrasting color in the netting pattern of the net bags can lead to visual confusion.

The soft green of fiber produce packaging will increase the sense of freshness that the produce section boasts. Furthermore, it is a color that works well with many fruits and vegetables. It offsets the reds of strawberries and cherry tomatoes and complements the purple of grapes.

Choose the right material
Each material carries its own meaning on a subconscious level. Foam trays have a modern look, clear plastic containers feature convenience, net bags emanate an industrial feel and molded fiber produce packaging boasts eco-friendliness. Investing in the right products requires an assessment of the venue as a whole. Analyze what type of atmosphere the store seeks to establish and decide which type of produce packaging best supports and enhances that effect.

The material of the fixture or vessel that the produce packaging will be placed in should also be factored into this decision. For optimal visual appeal, the materials of the fixture and the produce packaging should be different. This enhances the aesthetics of the produce packaging and, therefore, the produce itself.

Work with Hubert
We here at Hubert understand the importance of visual merchandising. We recognize that food display items have an immense effect on the overall atmosphere of a store and its displays. When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that we have decades' worth of experience, and sell only the most durable and visually stunning items that will optimize every area of your retail food venue.

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