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Believe it or not, implementing holiday decorations are proven to increase store sales. The average holiday shopper enjoys the bright lights, holiday props, and even soft Christmas music playing in the background – a unique and festive experience they can’t find any other time of the year. This enjoyment means a longer shopping experience, more foot traffic, and overall, getting everyone a little more in the spirit. Giving the gift of joy and celebration keeps customers happy, in cheer, and coming back for more each year.

Let’s start with one of HUBERT®’s most popular items, our corrugated paper called Corobuff®. So, what is Corobuff®? Corebuff, corobuff, core buff or whatever else you want to call it - much as this wrap goes by many different names, so do the many uses of this product. There are many different kinds of corrugated decorative paper to make your space truly shine.

During the holidays, decorative corrugated paper rolls are used to grab customer’s attention, add a decorative flair, and create a festive shopping experience. For example, green corobuff rolls are easy to cut and can be a cheerful paper roll cap to use during December as Christmas decor, while red, blue and white corrugated paper rolls patriotically line store aisles during July. Also, you can’t forget about our black corrugated paper rolls to use during Halloween – complete with ghosts, pumpkins, and even spider web designs. Another popular décor product from our Halloween collection is Beistle Halloween Decorations.

Corobuff® can also be used for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and other types of get-togethers as well. Bringing these occasions to life with various décors creates memorable moments worth sharing. Even outside of the hustle and bustle of holiday season, corobuff paper rolls also work for everyday use, too. If you decide to buy corrugated paper rolls, many food retailers pick colors and designs that accurately reflect the branding and imagery of the company, which is a subtle but powerful way that branding resonates with shoppers.

In discussing all holidays and celebrations, it’s no surprise that Christmas is a prime time to display other types of décor offered by HUBERT® as well. Besides green corrugated paper rolls, other popular items include Christmas banquet hall decorations, seasonal wooden vessels, decorative placemats, and more. For all other Christmas related items (trees with lights, crepe kits, and garland) look here.

Many situations arise in food retail where imitation food is needed. Faux food in restaurants and food retail is a proven must-have marketing tool and increase ROI. It’s said that up to 40% of passers-by who get a glimpse of display fake foods are likely to make an impulse purchase. Fake food manufacturers such as ourselves are always finding new, creative ways to stage product in an appealing way. Sometimes food looks great in bushel baskets, in countertop fixtures like wicker baskets, next to deli display case decorations, or even in countertop wire red tubs like this. For your own personal look, we recommend you reach out to one of our experts here.

Delis need fake meat for display to look fresh and last all day long, while bakeries use cheap fake food décor to entice customers from the early morning pastry and donut pick-up all the way to closing time at night.  In a situation where you need to stage a table, or make a deli section look more appealing, you might be wondering, ‘Where can I buy fake food?’ well, look no further. We specialize in replica food, and if you’re looking for very particular fake food to buy, we have many different realistic fake food options. The possibilities are endless, so to see some other replica food options start here.

For more appealing display possibilities, green moss décor is another timeless classic product that can be used around a natural display, or even as a catering display prop. Decorative placemats are also a festive way to create the perfect place setting while also protecting your table.

The last, finishing touch to your holiday celebration or party usually ends with the perfect décor objects. From plastic and resin message boards and cake stand piece sets to terra cotta and ceramic bottles and platters, we have all your finishing touches to truly make your events a memorable one. For a more refined look, we recommend our marble trays, plastic vases, or even a wooden blackboard block. To view all other food props for sale, restaurant décor, and even Christmas catering decorations, feel free to reach out to us about getting a HUBERT catalog mailed to you.