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Studies show time and time again that packaging plays a key role in shopper decisions. In fact, packaging design influences our behavior, even when we have no intention of buying anything. As packaging significantly impacts the shopping experience, here are some fresh food packaging supplies that are a necessity to have in any type of food retail space.

A grocery store simply wouldn’t be complete without the right packaging solutions. Upon entering the store, it’s usually the enticing produce section that customers see first - full of colorful, crisp fruits and veggies. From fresh apples to tomatoes, grocery store produce bag dispensers line these bins and are usually coupled with produce bag roll holders to create a quick and convenient customer journey.

When shoppers make their way to the deli, sandwich packaging supplies should be a staple of your butchered creations. HUBERT®’s sandwich packaging solutions come in all shapes and sizes – from paper sandwich wraps to polystyrene long sandwich containers. Deli packaging supplies like rustic sandwich packaging is a trend that’s on the rise, while we’re seeing a greater interest in earth friendly food packaging in the deli, and variously throughout other sections of the store.

Grab-n-go options like fresh meat and cheese collections are best served on food platter trays with lids, while finger sandwiches and party subs get noticed easily in plastic sandwich trays with clear lids. Other popular deli packaging grab-n-go selections commonly used for get-togethers – like fruit medleys, meat plates, and pastry assortments look tantalizing on generously sized party trays with lids.

In the bakery, clear packaging is usually heavily implemented as it’s used to increase impulse buys. In a store segment relying on packaging to grab attention and conserve the freshness of items, here’s a few bakery packaging solutions we recommend. For catching the eyes of those passing by, clear window bakery bags spotlight your sweet treats, and biodegradable cupcake boxes are great at parties for an easy clean up. Our bakery boxes are also perfect for fried pie packaging, and we even have unique items like packaging for baked goods for sale and cake boards & boxes. For other sweet treats like candies and nuts, have bag roll dispensers readily available to all those customers passing through that sweet and salty section.

There’s something special about the experience of having a fresh meal that still has the steam curling off of it. HUBERT®’s catering containers and heat seal food wrapper options make this experience possible. When serving for large events and parties, catering platters with lids help keep meals fresh, and our hot food packaging products preserve warmth of heated dishes to make meals seem like they’ve been pulled straight from the oven. Our catering sandwich platters with lids are also versatile enough to be used anywhere – from a birthday party to a wedding reception.

In your hot bars, soup cups with covers are a necessity to protect your customers and keep soups and stews hot long after their purchase. Keep in mind that most customers are on-the-go, so have plastic silverware dispensers close by. When it comes to hot food packaging suppliers we have what you need. For more hot sealing options and heated packaging to go, visit us here.

Here at HUBERT®, it’s our goal to work towards a cleaner planet, so aiming to be one of the top biodegradable food packaging companies is an initiative of ours. In a goal to offer green food packaging supplies and help your cost-savings, we supply a variety of eco-friendly packaging for food products.

HUBERT® has all your basic eco-friendly containers like biodegradable restaurant packaging, disposable coffee carriers, and for more specific needs, we even offer eco sandwich packaging, and disposable catering beverage dispensers. Our compostable food containers also help serve this mission, along with eco to go containers. For all other environmentally friendly food packaging products, check out our eco- friendly solutions page.