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Increase Campus Sustainability While Reducing Waste

Implementing a reusable takeout container program has a positive impact on the environment as well as college and university campuses. Schools are financially and socially benefitting from demonstrating and raising awareness for a more sustainable campus. By eliminating the use of single-use to-go container, campuses reduce operational cost by lowering waste removal fees and cost associated with reordering disposable container inventory.
Reusable Takeout Container


Numerous colleges and universities are hesitant to join the campus sustainability efforts due to the costly initial set up. To help schools achieve their sustainability goals we've dedicated our time and resources to developing a budget friendly solution that satisfies our customers' needs. The Hubert Reusable Takeout Container has the same great benefits and features as our leading competitors at half the price!



  • Reusable: Up to 2,000 washes
  • Easy-to-close snap closure forming a leak-resistant seal
  • Divided 3-compartments
  • 9"L x 9"W x 3.125"H
  • BPA Free
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
  • Molded hinged lid creates a non-slip stackable design

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Reusable Takeout Container
Student Using Meal Box


Students play a fundamental role in achieving a successful sustainability operation. Use social media, digital ads and signage throughout campus to promote your reusable container program. Provide incentives for students who participate and disincentives for the ones who don't. Allow the students voice to increase engagement as well by running daily special promotions, fun raffles and surveys.



  1. Purchase a reusable container for a one time deposit fee (typically $5).
  2. Bring container to campus dining center and fill with to-go meal options.
  3. Rinse and return container to campus dining center to receive a new clean container or token to claim a new container at a later time.
  4. Dirty containers are washed, rinsed and sanitized before being recycled back for the next customer.
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