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In almost every corner of every industry, employee burnout is spreading like wildfire.

Why? Because of the massive labor shortage. Employees are taking on more work, picking up extra shifts and being asked to do more. The domino effect: employee burnout leads to poor performance, low production, long wait times for customers and ultimately, lost revenue. To get ahead of employee burnout you need to take actionable steps.

52% of American Workers are Burnt Out

Workers Burnt Out

That means you’re likely seeing the negative effects of burnout in your organization. The action you take today could determine the success of your organization for the next year.

Want to jump around in this article? Here are the different topics we’ll be covering:

What’s Causing Employee Burnout?

Signs of Burnout

Because of the pandemic, organizations were forced to lay off employees or even go out of business causing over 80 million Americans to file for unemployment. While many businesses predicted the vaccine rollout would bring jobless Americans back into work, this was not the case.

Many experts believe the top reason for the ongoing labor shortage is because of pandemic-era benefits—AKA unemployment benefits. But in reality, there are many reasons.

For instance, parents with childcare obligations are choosing not to renter the workforce and 66% of those unemployed are ”seriously considering“ changing their field of work, according to Pew research.


The number of women employed (or looking for work) fell by 64,000 in April, according to the DOL.
Women in the Workplace


How to Reduce Employee Burnout

As with most employee burnout causes and cures, every company requires unique solutions, but here’s a great place for everyone to start: recognize the signs. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) provided a detailed set of six different indicators that are symptoms of employee burnout.

Recognizing Employee Burnout Signs

Increased Absences
Increased Absences
Increased Mistakes or Accidents
Increased Mistakes or Accidents
Withdrawal & Isolation
Withdrawal & Isolation
Higher Sensitivity
Higher Sensitivity

If you’re recognizing these symptoms in your employees, it’s time to find creative ways to make their lives easier. Start by automating manual, time-consuming tasks.

Automating Everyday Tasks

Enhancing your business’ processes and procedures is a vital step to not only dealing with employee burnout, but also a way to avoid burnout from ever happening. Introducing automation is crucial because it gives employees the opportunity to get back to the most productive parts of their jobs, while streamlining the everyday tasks that drive profits for your business.

Hubert has multiple creative, solution-based products to automate manual tasks.

A few examples include:

Automatic Meat Slicer
Globe G12 Medium Duty Manual Slicer with 12â?? Blade

Globe G12 Medium Duty Manual Slicer with 12” Blade
A task that used to take four employees now only takes one.

Food Processor
Robot Coupe 3 qt R2N Dice Ultra Food Processor

Robot Coupe 3 qt R2N Dice Ultra Food Processor
Produces up to 850 servings in 3 hours or less.

Food Packaging
Roller Mount Film Wrapper with Power Switch and 6â??W x 15â??L Hot Plate

Roller Mount Film Wrapper with Power Switch and 6”W x 15”L Hot Plate
Quickly wrap food for customers and reduce wait times.

Recent Stats Related to Employee Burnout





Since 2020, the overall workday
has increased

Encourage using PTO

On top of this statâ??less PTO days were used, according to CNBC. Encourage employees to use their personal time off to get just thatâ??more personal time back.


believe their company should be doing more to protect the mental health of their workforce.

Check in with your employees to see how they’re doing

Left unchecked, mental health issues at work can have a major impact on both employees and organizations as a whole.


in productivity because of burnout, according to the World Health Organization.

Lessen the workload

Although sounding counter-intuitive, reallocating tasks is a hands-on way to make employees feel less burnt out, resulting in greater output. (Don’t put all the responsibilities on your star players. Share the load.)

Account Development Managers

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