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While the main function of food bins is to keep food fresh for long periods of time, every great foodservice provider knows food bins also spur more sales and increase the customer experience. Get started using these attractive food bins today by discovering our best-sellers of the year.

Read along or jump right to the section of food bins your business is interested in using:


Best of Bulk Food Bins

Bulk Food Bins

What Are Bulk Food Bins Used For?

Much as the name implies, bulk food bins store large amounts of product. This allows customers to take as little or as much as they want, typically creating a better experience since shoppers can pick and choose the amount that’s best for them.


Popular Features of Bulk Food Bins

As one of the most popular food bins in food retail, at hotel breakfast bars, and in other types of foodservice establishments, there’s a few features that make bulk food bins so widely used.

  • Showcase product effectively—most are used on countertops or placed at storefronts to entice outside customers
  • Hold all different types of products—from nuts and candies to bagels and cereals
  • Most come equipped with a scoop for easy serving

Pros and Cons of Bulk Food Bins

Bulk food bins have a couple different pros and cons you should consider before purchasing. We’ve collected this feedback from our customers, and have found many solutions to solve the cons listed.

  • Lift tops on bulk food bins create easy access for customers
  • Proven to spur more impulse sales and create a bigger basket size
  • Tightly sealed to keep products fresh
  • Self-serving from bulk-food bins could increase germ transfer

    Problem solved! Place these sanitizing wipes close to your bins for customers to wipe down scoop handles before each use.

  • Not all bulk food bins come with scoops—shop our wide selection of scoops here

Top Selling Bulk Food Bins

bulk food bins
Expressly Hubert Clear Acrylic 3-Layer Bulk Cereal Container With Scoops

This best-seller is comprised of three different levels that can all be stacked on top of each other. Not only does this save space, but also makes for an enticing display to customers.

Key Features:

  • Works well in small places due to the ability to stack
  • Contains all 3 layers for maximum display
  • Accommodates large quantity of product
  • Made with a strong, durable acrylic
Face Masks
3.25 gal Clear Plastic Bulk Food Bin

Customers love that these bulk food bins come fully assembled but conveniently come apart to fit in the dishwasher. They also like the scoop tether to attach to their bins.

Key Features:

  • Lid can be open in 2 different positions for different access
  • Comes with scoop and removable scoop holder that tethers for convenience
  • Dishwasher safe for cleaning flexibility
  • Made from BPA-Free, Eastman Tritan Copolyester

Want to see the rest of our bulk food bins? There’s a wide assortment you haven’t seen yet!

Best of Gravity Feed Bins

Gravity Feed Bins

What Are Gravity Feed Bins Used For?

Designed to easily dispense products, gravity feed bins are a must for quick and easy serving. Free-flowing products like candies, nuts and cereals are best used in these bins.


Popular Features of Gravity Feed Bins

Besides creating an attractive display, gravity feed bins have a few other features that foodservice businesses can’t find in other types of bins. Here’s some notable attributes:

  • Dispensing feature serves product faster than other types of bins
  • Come in different sizes—usually horizontal in shape
  • Most have false fronts to give off a full appearance

Pros and Cons of Gravity Feed Bins

  • Most have an adjustable base making it easy to use on a counter or shelf
  • Come apart very easily to clean in the dishwasher
  • Most come shipped preassembled
  • They’re usually one of our most in-demand bins—start shopping now
  • Does not allow for beverage dispensing

Top Selling Gravity Feed Bins

Gravity Feed Bins
2.3 gal / 16 lb Capacity Eastman Tritan Copolyester Gravity Bulk Food Dispenser

Holding up to 16 lbs. of product, this dispenser is a must-have for big businesses with lots of hungry customers.

Key Features:

  • Integrated base that can secure to a countertop or shelf
  • Door that seals tight to keep produce fresh
  • Clear for easy viewing
Gravity Feed Bins
3.5 gal / 24 lb Capacity Eastman Tritan Copolyester Gravity Bulk Food Dispenser

Constructed of durable co-polyester, this product can go through years of wear-and-tear without getting many scratches or scuffs. Customers also love the false front to give the appearance of a full container.

Key Features:

  • Constructed from BPA-Free, Eastman Tritan Copolyester
  • False front to give appearance of full container
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning in the dishwasher

Gravity feed bins are always in high-demand, so we recommend you find your perfect fit soon. Ready to get started?

Best of Stackable Food Bins

Stackable Bins

What Are Stackable Food Bins Used For?

Much as the name implies, the stackable food bin’s most popular attribute is their ability to stack one on top of the other. This helps customers maximize space, while also making displays look clean, organized and appealing.


Popular Features of Stackable Food Bins

Stackable food bins are a fan favorite for many different types of customers we work with. Here’s a few reasons why these are so popular, in so many different settings.

  • Quick, easy stacking for convenience in small spaces
  • Many are designed to be arranged side-by-side as well, or even as a stand-alone product
  • Most come with scoops for added convenience

Pros and Cons of Stackable Food Bins

View the pros and cons we’ve heard from our customers who have used this product.

  • Most come with many different compartments to cross-merchandise products
  • Some can stack up to 50 lbs of product
  • See-through exterior makes it easy to view products inside
  • Typically, don’t have a false front to give appearance of a full container

    Looking for this key feature? Try this dispenser instead.

  • Not all units come with scoops—find one with this feature here

Top Selling Stackable Food Bins

Stackable Food Bins
Expressly Hubert Clear Acrylic 3-Layer Bulk Cereal Container With Scoops

With three different layers of stacking and the ability to merchandise up to 12 different food items, it’s no surprise this food bin topped our list.

Key Features

  • Works well in small places due to the ability to stack
  • Contains all 3 layers for maximum display
  • Made with a strong, durable acrylic
Stackable Food Bins
Expressly Hubert Clear Acrylic Stackable 4 Section Bulk Cereal Container With Scoop Middle Unit Only

Besides the complimentary scoop included, customers love the flexibility this food bin offers. Customers have the option to arrange this bin as a stand-along product or be stacked up high.

  • Compact size for countertops
  • Ability to stack for added portions
  • Easy access to food product

More options are in stock right now! View the full product page here.


Best of Tiered Food Bins

Stackable Bins

What Are Tiered Food Bins Used For?

This merchandising maverick commonly comes in a tilted or tiered design, making the display of your product easier for customers to spot.


Popular Features of Tiered Food Bins

There’s a lot to love about tiered bins. Here’s some of the top features you may like:

  • Unique and tilted design that most other food bins don’t have
  • Come in different sizes, materials and shapes
  • Most have non-slip bottoms to stay anchored in one place

Pros and Cons of Tiered Food Bins

  • Tilted design prompts for less customers touching your products in the display
  • Come in different finishes from acrylic to pine
  • Open-faced bins allow you to add more product
  • Not all are made for stacking.

    Interested in a tiered display that stacks? Check this bin out.

  • Rounded products you place in this bin are more prone to rolling off

Top Selling Tiered Food Bin

Tiered Food Bins
Expressly Hubert Natural Wood Countertop 2-Shelf Slanted Wood Display

This rustic wood display pops in just about any setting you add it to. Two different tiers allow for a clean way to cross-merchandise products.

Key Features

  • Made from solid Pine
  • Wood countertop display has 2 shelves
  • Use on top of tabletops or checkout counters
Stackable Food Bins
Cal-Mil Rectangular Clear Acrylic Stackable Display Box

Our customers like that this is both clear and tiered, which gets products noticed easily. The top closing lid keeps all products inside fresh for long periods of time.

Key Features

  • Stackable to save countertop space
  • Front-hinged lid to for self-service use
  • Rubber non-slip feet to keep unit in place
  • Includes removable dividers to multiple items

Like what you’ve seen so far? We’ve compiled all food bins for you to see.


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