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From delis to bakeries and cafeterias to restaurants—whatever industry you may be serving food in—one thing remains constant: the right display stands make a huge difference to your sales.

If you think it's time to take your food merchandising to the next level, we have suggestions and solutions to catch more eyes, attract more attention, and spur more sales with food display stands.


Read along or jump right to the section of display stands your business is interested in using:

Top-Trending Bowl Display Stands

Bowl Display Stands

What Are Bowl Display Stands Used For?

These popular stands are simply designed yet highly effective, as they offer multi-levels of bowls to beautifully display and hold your food. Through providing multiple heights, this helps landscape your display to make your food look even more appealing.

Features of Bowl Display Stands

  • Typically used as a space-saver in displays
  • Usually come with multiple tiers to display more than one type of food
  • Classic materials range from powder coated to stainless steel

Pros and Cons of Bowl Display Stands

Bowl display stands have a couple different pros and cons you should consider before purchasing. We've collected this feedback from our customers, and have found many solutions to solve the cons listed.


  1. Typically come in multiple tiers for cross-merchandising products
  2. Some products offer the option to mix and match stand and bowl colors. Take a look!
  3. If display bowls break, replacement is easy—we sell certain products separately! Need more bowls? Start here.


  1. Some materials are more heavy-duty than others. Looking for long-lasting and durable stands? View our wire collection.

Top Selling Bowl Display Stands

While we have many different types of bowl display stands all in stock and ready to ship, we've collected some of our top-sellers to help in your selection.

Expressly Hubert Small 3-Tier White Bowl and Silver Wire Display Stand

Expressly Hubert Small 3-Tier White Bowl and Silver Wire Display Stand

This best-seller includes bowls with the wire displays stand purchase. Many customers like the fresh, clean white color the bowls add when mixed with colorful food options.

Key Features:

  • Includes 3-8"Dia x 3 1/2"D white bowls
  • Angled tiers for easy reach
  • Steel wire provides clean as well as impressive presentation

Expressly Hubert Small 3-Tier White Bowl and Silver Wire Display Stand

Expressly Hubert Large Black Wire Display Stand

Comprised of three different levels, this best-seller is preferred when customers are looking for a way to save space in their displays. Customers also note the powder-coated materials make this product strong, sturdy, and reliable.

Key Features:

  • Includes 3 white bowls 10 1/2"Dia x 4 1/2"D
  • Angled tiers provide easy reach and best visibility
  • Durable power coat for long lasting product

Want to see the rest of our stands and bowls? There's a wide assortment you haven't seen yet!


Top-Trending Wire Stands

Wire Stands

What Are Wire Stands Used For?

The thin wire design has a low-profile look that makes it easy to display products while keeping the main focus on the food. From cup and lid holders to bakery displays, wire stands are used in all types of food displays.

Features of Wire Stands

Besides effortlessly creating an attractive display, wire stands have a few other features that foodservice businesses can't find in other display stands. Here's some notable attributes:

  • The wire look offers a unique and appealing visual effect to displays
  • Most come in designs suitable to hold cups, lids, silverware, and more
  • Many are light enough to transport from space to space, yet durable enough to hold large quantities of product

Pros and Cons of Wire Stands


  1. Helps to save space and keep product looking organized
  2. Come in durable materials like carbon steel and metal
  3. Pick and choose how many wire compartments you want on certain products like this one


  1. Not all wire displays come with bowls and cases included. Looking to buy everything together? Look at this bakery case
  2. Most wire stand colors are limited to black, white and silver

Top Selling Wire Stands

Hubert Basic Collection 2-Tier Wire Fruit Holder

Hubert Basic Collection 2-Tier Wire Fruit Holder

Customers love how colorful fruit displays really pop in this sleek, black wire holder. Two different tiers help to separate different types of foods.

Key Features:

  • Strong wire construction with a smart black powder coat finish
  • 2 Tiers for maximum display capability
  • Matches other Basic Collection display pieces for a cohesive look

Hubert Basic Collection Wire Four Cup/Lid Holder

Hubert Basic Collection Wire Four Cup/Lid Holder

The simple, yet effective design of this wire holder gives our customers the option to mix and match all different sizes of lids and cups.

Key Features:

  • Chrome finish enhances all types of decor
  • Quadruple configuration lets you offer customers size options
  • Economical, yet stylish

Ready to view the rest of our wire collection?


Top-Trending Porcelain Serving Stands

Porcelain Serving Stands

What Are Porcelain Serving Stands Used For?

Perhaps our most elegant serving stand, porcelain serving stands add a touch of class to your food displays.

Features of Porcelain Serving Stands

Most commonly used for mouth-watering desserts, here are the features our customers love most about porcelain serving stands:

  • The beautiful white color makes cakes, baked goods, and other colorful pastries really stand out
  • Porcelain material is very easy to clean
  • Stand sizes add elevation to your existing displays

Pros and Cons of Porcelain Serving Stands


  1. Blends in with any type of decor
  2. Clean white color adds an extra touch of elegance
  3. Elevated stature for taller displays


  1. Not our most durable display stand
  2. Typically comes designed without walls or sealing doors for freshness

Top Selling Porcelain Serving Stands

American Metalcraft White Porcelain Serving Stand

American Metalcraft White Porcelain Serving Stand

As our tallest porcelain serving stand, customers usually purchase this product as a great space-saving option to add more elevation to their existing displays.

Key Features:

  • Elegant style for one of a kind presentations
  • Serving stand is crafted from white porcelain
  • 4"Dia for featured confection creation
American Metalcraft White Porcelain Serving Stand

American Metalcraft White Porcelain Serving Stand

This best-seller is the perfect height since it doesn't compete with other displays, yet still makes your food stand out beautifully.

Key Features:

  • White porcelain gives elegant appearance to attract customer attention
  • Serving stand features a product as it stands out in a case display
  • 8" diameter is versatile for single serving, cookies or multiple appetizers

Top-Trending Tiered Display Stands

Tiered Display Stands

What Are Tiered Display Stands Used For?

Tiered display stands offer easy set-up and can be used for a multitude of food products. Taking up a very small footprint on a buffet or in a display, you can feature multiple levels of items.

Features of Tiered Display Stands

If you're looking for display stands with character, charm, and appeal, our customers turn to tiered display stands. Here's a few reasons why:

  • They come in a variety of materials such as: aluminum, bamboo, iron, marble and more
  • Multiple tiers make it easy to showcase a variety of product
  • Typically, very lightweight and easy to assemble

Pros and Cons of Tiered Display Stands


  1. Come in different styles to add personality to your display
  2. Some come with handles for easy transport
  3. A few options are collapsible for easy storage


  1. No doors to lock in freshness
  2. Some require minimal assembly
  3. Many must be cleaned by hand—options like this easily hide smudges and fingerprints

Top Selling Tiered Display Stands

While we have many different types of tiered display stands all in stock and ready to ship, we've collected some of our top-sellers to help in your selection.

4-Tier Silver-Tone Polystyrene Display Stand

4-Tier Silver-Tone Polystyrene Display Stand

Customers love how this display comes in different height and different plate sizes. They also note the handle on top makes it easy to transport this stand from space to space.

Key Features:

  • Comes apart easily for transport and storage
  • 4-Tier display stand features four clear polystyrene trays
  • Silver-tone support post for attractive presentation
American Metalcraft Hammered 3-Tier Stainless Steel Buffet Server Glaze

American Metalcraft Hammered 3-Tier Stainless Steel Buffet Server Glaze

Known for its longevity, customers get the most out of this stainless-steel stand—for years! The collapsible feature is also helpful and space-saving.

Key Features:

  • Hammered ascending design for unique display
  • Collapsible for convenient storage

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