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2 Types of Bulk Food Dispensers

Continuous Flow Dispenser

Continuous Flow Dispenser

Portion Control Dispenser

Portion Control Dispenser

1. Gravity-fed dispensers. Offered in 2 styles: Continuous flow or Portion control.

Continuous flow dispensers are perfect for merchandising any free-flowing product like grains, beans, rice, seeds, nuts, coffee, candies, granolas, cereals, rolled oats and pasta. These types of bins normally are secured to a shelf, and when the handle is pulled, gravity allows the product to flow into a bag and then purchased. Because these are gravity dispensed the flow rate can be easily adjusted for fast or slow settings. The containers are clear so customers can easily see the contents inside. This type of dry food bin normally comes in a 3-, 5- and 12-gallon capacity.

Portion control dispensers are for smaller establishments that only have a few varieties of choices. This style is normally used for continental breakfasts, break rooms or on kitchen counters. This dispenser allows the owner to decide how much product should come through the pouring spout. This style works well to dispense items that large quantities are not desired such as cereal, ice cream toppings, dried fruits and a variety of trail mixes. The containers are also clear so customers can see the contents inside. They are usually smaller in size, no larger than 1-gallon capacity.

2. Scoop bins

The scoop bin features a seamless face with a false front to maintain a full appearance. The lids on these units remain completely closed when not in use so the contents remain fresh. They normally come with a scoop and tether and have a built-in scoop holder. The bins are clear so contents can be easily identified. They are often found in 1 to 4 ½ gallon capacities.

The 5 leading industries that use bulk food dispensers.

  1. Hotels – Most hotels offer a complimentary breakfast as part of your stay. A cereal dispenser is used for guests’ convenience so they can dispense the desired amount of cereal easily. Portion control gravity-fed dispenser works best for this type application.

  2. Pet supply stores – Pet supply stores keep cat and dog food, bird seed, and small bones in scoop bins and continuous flow gravity-fed dispensers for bird seed and cat and dog food.

  3. Candy stores – Candy stores normally use candy scoop bins for gummy treats, sweet tarts and larger chocolates but will use a continuous flow gravity fed dispenser to showcase an array of colored M&Ms to draw attention to their store and entice customers to make a purchase.

  4. Coffee and tea shops – Coffee and tea shops offer customers a variety of choices of bulk dispensing. They can purchase coffee beans, freshly ground coffee, or tea leaves in bulk to enjoy at home. These goods are normally dispensed from a portion control gravity fed dispenser.

  5. Grocery stores and supermarkets – Grocery stores and supermarkets normally sell fresh coffee beans, grains, dried pasta and snacks in bulk dispensers for customers who want a choice for how much product they want to purchase. For grains, pasta, beans, and nuts a scoop bin is the usual choice. However, for coffee beans and grounds portion control gravity fed dispensers work best.


Top Reasons for Using Bulk Food Dispensers

Bulk Food Dispensers are becoming more popular because customers like having the choice of dispensing the amount of product they want. They are also aware of environmental issues and want to help by eliminating wasteful packaging. Since shoppers are already used to bringing their own bags from home when shopping, stores are now encouraging them to do the same with either reusable containers or bags for their bulk foods. Be sure to keep plenty of labels and pens nearby so they can easily identify their contents once they get them home.

Health and wellness products are in high demand and perception plays a big role when choosing foods. To consumers, dry goods in bulk usually mean less processing which appeals to health-conscious individuals. Showing numerous varieties of whole grains, beans and nuts is a great way to get this message across.

When merchandised in clear bins or containers, bulk foods can create fun and excitement. To create a "wow" factor candy stores are the perfect candidate for this type of dispensing. Use different types and colors of candies to create a rainbow. Kids and adults alike are drawn to these visuals and have fun dispensing the different varieties of candies in the quantities they want.

Bulk food dispensers are a great way to attract new customers and add excitement to your store. This no mess solution is designed to provide a cleaner more effective way to dispense foods sold in bulk. If merchandised and maintained properly bulk foods can yield more profits per square foot than any other category in the store.