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Unfortunately, the challenges facing many school districts have prevented students and staff from safely returning to full-time in-person classes. In these cases, remote learning has become a necessity. To help ensure that students are still being fed healthy and nutritious meals, curbside programs have continued into the school year from their normal summertime operation.

  • Menu Planning Increases Safety
  • Transporting From Kitchen to Curb
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing Plus Protection for Staff

Menu Planning Increases Safety

The benefits of planning out your meal service increase exponentially when delivering food off-site. No matter if your curbside program consists of meals delivered on busses, or just in your own parking lot. The more you know about what is needed the better you can plan meals and services that are safe for employees and students.

Simply put, the best way to know what your students need, is to ask them. The Choosi App bridges the gap between what your students need and your desire to provide them with healthy, nutritious meals. With pre-ordering food, all of the guess-work is removed and you can focus on the real reason you do what you do; because you care.

Did you know that the FDA has several programs to help provide assistance to schools in their efforts to feed students? Read More
Menu Planning Increases Safety
Countertop Cooking Equipment can help prepare small or medium batch meals.
Refrigerated prep tables let you keep fresh ingredients ready to use.
Choosi App

Choosi App

  • Students and parents can pre-order school meals
  • Simple to use interface
  • Data-driven approach to school meal service
Bun Pan Rack

Bun Pan Rack

  • 5" Spacing holds (12) trays
  • 5-inch swivel casters for smooth transferring
  • Some assembly is required

Transporting From Kitchen to Curb

Making healthy and fresh food for students doesn't mean anything if it never leaves your kitchen. Many schools have approached the challenges in transportation by utilizing insulated delivery bags, carryout bags and containers, labeling, lugs, and more. Having the right equipment to do the job makes all of the difference in the world.

The FDA recommends that carryout and delivery of food should maintain an internal temperature of 140° once it has been cooked. Other guidelines for carryout out food safety are available from the FDA. Read More
Transporting From Kitchen to Curb
T-shirt bags are a cost-effective way to package cold foods for delivery.
Keeping food cold is just as important as keeping it hot.
Breakfast Cart

Breakfast Cart

  • Quick on-the-go meal solutions for students and staff
  • Casters for easy maneuvering
  • 880 lb total weight capacity

Insulated Meal Delivery Bag

Insulated Meal Delivery Bags
$68.99 - $109.00
  • Leakproof, seamless liner
  • Ideal for both hot/cold food and beverage delivery
  • Sturdy construction for all delivery needs

Protection for Staff While Serving Students

Personal protective equipment has become a part of everyday life. Employees who interact with a lot of people, even when providing a critical service, are vulnerable to the dangers of disease spread. To help keep them safe while serving your community students and their families, we recommend regular replacement of these common protection items.

Did you know that an efficacy study was done in India to show the added benefits of combining face masks and face shields? The results showed a clear benefit. Read More
Cleaning & Sanitizing Plus Protection for Staff
Other PPE solutions should also be provided as risk levels rise.
Regular checks of employee temperatures are a good supplement to your safety plan.
Fabric Masks
Fabric Masks
  • Sold 10 masks per bag
  • 65% polyester, 35% cotton material
  • 2-ply fabric is washable
Face Shields
Face Shields
$3.49 each
  • Must be ordered in multiples of 5
  • Polyester fiber elastic band
  • PE shield is anti-fog
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