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Using CARES Act & Other Grants for Colleges and Universities

What is CARES Act Funding?

The CARES Act was signed in 2020 providing more than $2.2 trillion in funding with a specific focus on relieving the economic pressure on Americans struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent legislation passed in December 2020, HEERF II (Higher Education Emergency Relief fund), provided each state with a portion of the $81.88 billion in federal relief funds. This assistance was provided to colleges and universities in the form of grant money. SEAs (State Educational Agencies) and LEAs (Local Educational Agencies) were targeted as the recipients of the CARES Act federal funding and were tasked with the distribution of grant funds.


What About Other Grants?

There are a lot of grants available for schools to help fund new equipment and provide better care for students. Many non-profit agencies also provide grant funding. Additionally, other governmental grants, outside of CARES Act funding, are available at the federal, state, and local levels. Requirements, restrictions, and application processes may vary, so be sure to investigate the details for your location.

Why Should Your School Apply for Grants?

Virtually any school across the country can make use of extra funding opportunities. When your school is awarded a grant, critical funds in your budget are made available for other necessities in or around your campus. Imagine having more money available at your school for student enrichment programs, supplies, general repairs, faculty and staff salaries, and much more. The impact you can make on your community is multiplied by each grant dollar you can claim.

Common uses of college and university grant awards:

  • Remodeling / Refreshing Your Café
  • Replacing Old Heavy Equipment
  • Transitioning to Grab and Go Meals
  • Providing Critical PPE Gear

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We've been working with leaders at colleges and universities for years to refine and deliver a world-class customer experience. Our vetted school solutions are specifically tailored to meet the challenges that exist in schools just like yours. And our Education Industry Experts can work with you, one-on-one, to find the best solution to your everyday challenges and provide ongoing support.

Using Grant Funds for Feeding Students?


Remodeling / Refreshing Your Café:

Keeping your campus safe, comfortable, and welcoming for students is a major factor contributing to enrollment. The fact is that many students select a college only after touring the campus to see the layout, explore the social atmosphere, and available resources first-hand. Grant money can be used to fund critical remodeling projects, implement new safety protocols, and even refreshing the campus café.


Replacing Old Heavy Equipment:

Your café refresh shouldn't stop in the front-of-the-house with the dining area. After all, what good is it to have a modern café with old, rusted, loud, and outdated dishwashers and refrigerators. Grant funding can provide the extra money you need to replace old, heavy equipment that has already seen its best days. You wouldn't put old, worn-out tires on your brand-new car; so, don't leave new café without the traction it needs to get cooking.


Grab and Go

Transitioning to Grab and Go:

In 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic forced many industries to re-evaluate how they faced day-to-day operations. One major concept that further evolved from this crisis has been grab-and-go. Grab-and-go meals aren't new, but how they were utilized to help keep students, staff, and faculty safe has been a tremendous boon for foodservice workers. Students can grab a quick, pre-made, healthy meal from an open refrigerated case and choose to eat it anywhere they want; in their dorms, common areas, or designated seating areas.


Providing Critical PPE:

The focus on personal safety is now just a part of our daily lives. At work, stores, restaurants, and even schools, the need to wear protective equipment has become mandatory—and may not change anytime soon. In some locations on campus, like in the café kitchen, changes to the required PPE are likely to become permanent. Fortunately, grant funding is available to stock up on critical PPE gear. The responsibility of providing PPE for staff, faculty, and students may fall on your shoulders. We can help!



What Makes HUBERT® the Best?

What makes HUBERT® the best place to utilize your CARES Act funds and grant money? The answer is simple. Our dedicated team of Education industry professionals spend all-day, every day serving colleges and universities just like yours. We make it our job to understand the unique challenges that exist on campuses that other vendors just don't understand. Even if your challenge is completely unique, our experts can work with you to find a tailored solution. We're here for you. It's really that simple!

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