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Using CARES Act & Other Grants for K-12 Schools

What is CARES Act Funding?

The CARES Act was signed in 2020 providing more than $2.2 trillion in funding with a specific focus on relieving the economic pressure on Americans struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent legislation passed in December 2020 provided each state with a portion of the $54.3 billion, in federal relief funds, that was specifically earmarked to K-12 schools for the purposes of aiding in the reopening of schools for in-person learning. The assistance provided to the K-12 schools was made available in the form of grant money. SEAs (State Educational Agencies) and LEAs (Local Educational Agencies) were targeted as the recipients of the CARES Act federal funding and were tasked with the distribution of grant funds.


What About Other Grants?

There are a lot of grants available for schools to help fund new equipment or provide for additional methods of caring for students. Many non-profit agencies provide grant funding for K-12 schools. Additionally, other governmental grants, outside of CARES Act funding, are available at the federal, state, and local levels. Requirements, restrictions, and application processes may vary, so be sure to investigate the details for your location.

Why Should Your School Apply for Grants?

Virtually any school across the country can make use of extra funding opportunities. When your school is awarded a grant critical funds in your budget are made available for other necessities in or around your campus. Imagine have more money available at your school for books, supplies, general repairs, teacher salaries, and much more. The impact you can make on your community is multiplied by each grant dollar you can claim.

Common reasons for K-12 grant awards:

  • Increasing meal participation
  • Increasing dairy consumption
  • Replacing outdated equipment
  • Providing critical PPE

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We have been working with Education industry leaders for years to refine and deliver a world-class customer experience. Our vetted school solutions are specifically tailored to meet the challenges that exist in schools just like yours. And our Education Industry Experts can work with you, one-on-one, to find the best solution to your everyday challenges and provide ongoing support.

Using Grant Funds for Feeding Students?

Classroom Cart


Alternative feeding solutions were gaining in popularity before the COVID pandemic. However, over the past year, finding alternative solutions for feeding students has become a necessity. For many schools the prospect of feeding students in the classroom has become their primary way to support social distancing protocols and limit the possibility of accidental exposure to hazards.



Another popular alternative feeding model is centered around feeding students in the hallway. Our breakfast cart is already an industry leading solution for feeding students. Meals can be individually wrapped, and by utilizing the deep well food can be kept hot or cold throughout your meal service. The hallway feeding model has also been shown to increase participation in meal programs for students who are pressed for time and may not be able to attend more traditional meal programs.


Turbo Air


Your grant funds can be used to replace those old kitchen appliances that have been on your wish list for years. By upgrading to a new high efficiency oven, combi oven, rapid-cooking oven, or refrigerator, you can finally modernize your kitchen without having to wait for a specific budget approval. While this is reason enough, to replace your equipment, we also have fantastic pricing and many items qualify for vouchers on future HUBERT® purchases and FREE SHIPPING!



It is easy to underestimate the importance of having the right equipment to keep your kitchen running efficiently. While the ovens and refrigerators attract the most attention, the impact that the proper food prep equipment can make on your kitchen can't be understated. Your grant funds will be well spent if you can finally get that blender, mixer, or meat slicer. Many of these items also offer fantastic pricing and may qualify for vouchers on future HUBERT® purchases and FREE SHIPPING!


Food Prep Equipment
Portable Sink


Keeping your school campus clean is a full-time job. When students return to in-person learning, or if they never left, you owe it to your students, faculty, and their families to provide a safe and clean place to work and learn. At HUBERT® you can stock up on PPE, sanitizing wipes, disinfecting cleaners, or even add portable sinks to provide more options to increase safety on your campus.



Items that often fall off of the radar when thinking of what needs replaced or updated are smallwares. Items like utensils, plates, trays, serving utensils, knives, spatulas, and even food pans are essential pieces in your kitchen and can make a huge impact on your budget if you don't plan ahead for the expense. As a premier supplier of smallwares, we have everything you need for your kitchen and when you shop at HUBERT® you can take advantage of our HUBERT® brand smallwares and save up to 50% over national brands. With HUBERT® brand you can make your grant funds stretch much farther than you can at other retailers.


Food Prep Equipment

What Makes HUBERT® the Best?

What makes HUBERT® the best place to utilize your CARES Act funds? The answer is simple. Our dedicated team of Education industry professionals spend all-day, every day serving customers like you. We make it our job to understand the unique challenges that exist in K-12 schools that other vendors just don't understand. We have worked with industry partners to develop vetted solutions to specifically address critical issues like reducing waste, increasing participation, increasing dairy consumption, and much more. Even if your challenge is completely unique, our experts can work with you to find the solution that will address your exact needs. We are here for you, it's really that simple.

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