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Hallway Breakfast Cart

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Research points to school breakfast specifically as a major contributor to academic success. Unfortunately, students frequently skip breakfast, depriving them of the benefits associated with the meal. One of the best ways to increase participation in your school breakfast program is to implement a 'Grab & Go' solution. With the Hallway Breakfast Cart, you can give students the flexibility and choice to eat breakfast when and where they want.

Mobile Breakfast Cart

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Just looking for the cart and no added features? This is the option for you.

Mobile Breakfast Cart Kit

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Leverage magnetic signage and baskets that can be used as a top shelf to expand food options or offer utensils and napkins.


Customize Your Cart

Build the cart you need and create the perfect set up for your school to increase breakfast participation.


What is a Hallway Breakfast Cart?

The Hallway Breakfast Cart is a portable service station that allows you to serve breakfast remotely in a grab and go style. The cart is operated by school staff and is usually located in high-traffic areas where students tend to socialize with friends - hallways, courtyards, gymnasiums or main entrances. Tailor the cart to your specific needs with options like food pans, baskets, display tiles, insulated containers, personalized signage and more!

Build a Better Breakfast

We are very pleased with the HUBERT® Breakfast Cart. After one month of using the cart, breakfast participation increased 23%. We are serving 85 additional breakfast meals from the cart daily. The students enjoy the quick and easy access to a complete, nutritious breakfast.

Kathy Craven, Food Service Director, Grant County Schools

Hallway Breakfast Cart

What is Typically Served on a Breakfast Cart?

Stock the cart full of easy-to-eat, easy-to-clean breakfast options, such as:

  • Breakfast Sandwiches/Burritos
  • Low-Fat Muffins
  • Cereals/Cereal Bars
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Milk/Juice

Key features include:

  • Adjustable slanted shelf to display food within reach
  • Well accommodates 3 full size food pans or display tiles to organize product
  • Drop leaf provides additional space for POS system or overflow food service components
  • Interior space stores replenishment foods for quick restocking
  • Push handle and casters ensure easy transport
  • Stainless steel construction is highly durable and easy to sanitize

Take Action Today

Hallway Cart

How to Maximize your Breakfast Cart

  1. Enter your current breakfast participation and school enrollment. This will give an estimated number of students who eat daily.
  2. Enter your average meal price to see what breakfast currently generates daily and annually.
  3. In the middle box, you will project your anticipated participation (or if you have data after implementation, this will let you see what you are currently doing). You will see the projections on the meal. The lower boxes will show you how much of an incremental growth you will have.
  4. You will then see the number of days you will need to re-coup the cost of the cart and your return on investment.




Don't Limit your Hallway Cart to Just Breakfast!

Your Mobile Hallway Cart can be used for multiple applications, from breakfast and lunch to midday snacks and after school activities - wherever and whenever you need an extra point of service. The wide range of accessory options and various quick-change magnetic graphics make it easy to transform your cart into different service models throughout the day.

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Shop Hallway Cart

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Give your cart a unique look that stands out and represents your school spirit by adding your logo.

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What You Can Do to Get Started:

  • Explore resources and grant opportunities. The federal government often lists breakfast expansion funding opportunities on its main page. Visit:
  • Reach out to your cafeteria manager or nutrition director. Initiate a conversation about expanding the school breakfast program. Discuss the positive change it could have on students.
  • Talk with school administrators. Emphasize the health, educational and behavioral benefits of breakfast in the classroom.

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