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A Plan Geared Towards Moving Forward

At HUBERT®, our dedication to healthcare customers has never been stronger. We are committed to provide solutions to current and long-term, industry-wide challenges. As part of our dedication to you, we have researched countless industry thought-leaders for insights into strategies, precautions, guidelines, and solutions, for thriving in life beyond COVID-19. Among these trusted names are FDA and the CDC, as well as customers like you.

The HUBERT® CHARGE Action Plan outlines four initiatives for healthcare facilities and senior living communities to successfully implement implementing these guidelines.

CHARGE Initiative #1: Employee Safety
Employee Safety

The frontline workers are the face of your business, and the ones in the most risk. Provide them with the safety equipment that they need.

  • For all foodservice, including those in healthcare, wearing protective equipment is nothing new. Cut-resistant gloves and hair nets are mandatory in most cases, but as the world changes, disposable masks and disposable gloves will become required as well.
  • Touchless checkout services will allow customers to synch their food purchases with their employee badges, but other options like counter shields will also become commonplace
  • Touchless forehead thermometers will be used to monitor employee health more closely, for added piece-of-mind.

CHARGE product recommendations:

Consider this: Vendor access to the kitchen will need to be evaluated to ensure that they do not bring any outside contamination inside.

Credit: Public Health Agency of Canada
CHARGE Initiative #2: Patient and Senior Living Resident Safety and Wellbeing
Patient and Resident Safety

There are many options available for selecting healthcare providers. Your residents and patients chose your facility and you owe it to them to provide the best service possible. Providing healthcare services is about more than treating illnesses, healthcare is also about preventing illnesses to spread.

  • Adding hand sanitizing dispensers and disposable hand wipes throughout senior living facilities will allow residents to participate in social activities while doing their part to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.
  • Even with a return to social activities there is still a need for a smart approach to social distancing. This will be achieved through managing crowd sizes and spacing tables and chairs to maintain safe distances.
  • For patients we will continue to see meal delivery to rooms. While some facilities may return to using reusable plates and cups, many will continue to use disposable trays, flatware, and serveware.
  • For high-risk areas of hospitals, we will also continue to see dedicated carts for foodservice to specific floors to limit the chance that contagions can be spread to other areas.

CHARGE product recommendations:

Disposable Trays

Disposable Trays


CHARGE Initiatives:

Cambro Meal Delivery Carts

Cambro Meal Delivery Carts


CHARGE Initiatives:

Consider this: Consider moving tables and chairs along the perimeter of rooms to allow for more space in the middle of the room for activities while maintaining appropriate distancing.

Credit: SDA
CHARGE Initiative #3: Cleaning and Sanitizing
Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing common areas is nothing new for healthcare facilities. What will change is the frequency in cleaning schedules.

  • It will be helpful to have more inventory of cleaning supplies, but also consider adding additional supply storage areas. Lockable cabinets can often fit under sink or counter areas to safely store supplies.
  • Mobile cleaning and sanitizing carts will also be seen more frequently throughout healthcare facilities.
  • Catering is expected to continue in hospitals, however, the buffet usually associated with this type of foodservice will change to single serve packaging. It is also likely that mobile handwashing stations will be added to the start of each foodservice line.

CHARGE product recommendations:

Consider this: If adding additional storage for cleaning chemicals, be sure that the cabinets are lockable and rated for what is stored inside.

Credit: CDC
CHARGE Initiative #4: Communication and Education
Communication and Education

Signage is very important in a post-COVID-19 world. It can be extremely easy to fall back into old routines. Signage will remind everyone that staying safe is a universal responsibility for employees, patients and residents.

  • Increased presence of hand sanitizing stations and hand washing stations will require more signage to remind people to stay safe.
  • Social distancing signage that is bright and easily seen will help to remind people in all common areas to stay safe.
  • Floor markings in large activity areas will allow people to know where they can safely participate in social activities.
  • Mobile signage stands can be moved around to activities both indoor and outside.

CHARGE product recommendations:

Consider this: There will be some resistance, but making sure that everyone understands the reasons and dangers for these new policies will be critical to maintaining a safe environment.

Credit: CDC
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