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The focal theme for the hospitality industry in 2022 can all be described in just two words: guest experience.

As many people are officially back to traveling, they’re eager to receive the true guest experience that they’ve been so long deprived of since the start of COVID. While there are lots of different ways to raise your own hotel’s guest experience ratings, let’s start with what many experts believe is the most impactful area for opportunity—and that’s serving breakfast.

Whether you’re interested in offering a hot breakfast, continental breakfast—or even something in between—read on to gain some insight on how hotels are leaving guests with a full stomach and a lasting impression.

Skim through our top hotel breakfast bar topics to find what could help your hotel the most:


Quick Stats: Why Serving Hotel Breakfast Works

There’s a lot of moving parts that goes into creating a successful hotel breakfast bar. So, you may be wondering—especially if you don’t already have an existing hotel breakfast bar—is the juice really worth the squeeze? Here’s a few stats on why investing in a breakfast program is more than worth it.

About 65% of hotel guests would choose one hotel over another if they’re offered a complimentary breakfast.

Of business travelers, over half would pick a hotel that serves complimentary breakfast...even if their meal is being paid for by their company!

Before the pandemic, about 80% of U.S. hotels served breakfast—and great news—even in a post-pandemic world this number is quickly growing again!

Almost 75% of hotel guests are willing to pay more more to stay at a hotel that offers a unique experience or offers complimentary meals and beverages.


Hotel Labor Shortage: Breakfast Tips and Tricks to Stay Ahead

When it comes to the labor shortage in hospitality, it’s all about working smarter not harder, by using less staff to serve guests breakfast. Here’s four pointers we recommend trying:

Grab and Go Breakfast

1. Serve Grab and Go Breakfast
Meet guests’ evolving need for convenience while using less in-house man power to cook up on-the-go meals. This is certainly a hospitality trend that’s here to stay.

Learn More
24 hour Coffee

2. Offer Coffee to Guests... All Day
Expect an immediate rise in guest satisfaction scores—while also alleviating staff labor—by setting up coffee stations for guests to help themselves all throughout the day.

Get Started
Self Serve Breakfast

3. Start Self-Serve Breakfast Bars
Let guests build their meals, their way. This not only empowers your guests, but also frees up your staff from serving meals.

Our Top Solution
Guide To Navigating the Labor Shortage

4. Access Labor Shortage Insider Advice
The labor shortage in hospitality means thinking outside of the box. See some solutions we’ve already created for you.

View Toolkit

For more information on in stock hotel breakfast bar equipment, start here.


FAQ’s on Breakfast Bar Programs

How can I personalize my breakfast bar?

We supply lots of different products to give your hotel the freedom to build your breakfast in your own unique way. We’ve created a few other idea-starters for hotels who are also hungry for breakfast bar ideas. Check out a few of our most popular ideas here. If you’re short staffed—but still interested in creating a tailored breakfast experience, jump to this section.

How to make a breakfast bar in a small kitchen and serving space?

If you’re asking yourself this same question, chances are you haven’t heard of our Cerve Collection. This affordable and versatile collection has a large assortment of space-saving risers, bowl holders, bread displays and more to create a unique, eye-catching display. View Cerve Collection.

How can I improve my guest satisfaction scores?

There’s an array of ways to improve your own hotel’s satisfaction scores, here’s a few ways we can help.

  1. Get creative with your complimentary coffee bar.
  2. Still just serving cold breakfast? Turn it up a notch with a hot breakfast bar.
  3. Beyond breakfast: ready for a change? Convert your existing hotel breakfast bar into salad bar for lunch.


Creative Breakfast Bar Ideas

From stainless steel breakfast bars to unique grab and go programs, here’s just a few snackable idea-starters to get your breakfast bar up and rolling in no time.

Toppings Bar

Toppings Bar

Many guests still want an immersive experience where they get to choose exactly what they want. Create toppings bars for bagels, cereals, oatmeal and more.

Breakfast Made to Order

Made-to-Order Options

Relied on for the tasteful balance of freshly-made to quick and convenient, our Made2Order Program offers different ways to serve up fresh, delicious prepackaged meals for your guests.

Hot Breakfast

Hot Breakfast

There’s lots of places to start in serving hot breakfast—so if you really want a program that lasts—we recommend to invest in stainless steel breakfast bar equipment. Not only will food stay hot, but this durable material will last for years.

Oatmeal Bar

Oatmeal Bar

As hearty as oatmeal is, hotels are surprised by how cost-effective oatmeal breakfast bars can be. This breakfast staple is bound to be successful in your hotel.

To view more breakfast bar ideas, check out our hospitality page.


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