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A Complete Solution to Feed Students, Especially in Uncertain Times

The Choosi app and CNCentral modules contain everything you need for menu planning, creating production records, automating everyday tasks for pre-and-post-production, supply chain management, tracking cost and participation, and even provide e-learning that meets 100% of the USDA Professional Standards for required training. When combined with HUBERT® products for packaging and classroom meal delivery, your foodservice program will be prepared for the future of K-12 meal service.

choosi solution
Student using Choosi App

Pre-Ordering, Preparing, and Delivering Meals

Imagine This Scenario

Your kitchen or dietary manager is tasked with making a meal menu that takes in to account all governmentally regulated requirements for healthy student meals. They decide to execute a plan based on budget and a pre-established set of approved meals. These meals are based on previous successes and even familiar vendor relationships. There is a lot of administrative work and it is very easy to fall into a routine that can lose creativity and interest as you move through the school year.

What do you do?

Through the CNCentral software from inTEAM, you can connect to the Data Exchange used by hundreds of stakeholders nationwide and integrated with USDA-approved school nutrition software. By connecting to this vast network database, you can use pre-created, approved, menu options to load into the Choosi application. This gives you direct access to menu choices, recipes, vendors and everything else you need to invigorate your staff and bring excitement back to school meals.

Student using Choosi App

Meal Preparation and Delivery Product recommendations:

Consider this: Using color-coded bins on classroom carts can help differentiate between special orders, classrooms, or even temperature sensitive meals.

Bagged lunches

Mitigating Hazards and Waste

Staff Safety and Waste Management

The Choosi ecosystem drastically decreases person to person exposure to contaminants as well as airborne illnesses, keeping your staff as well as your students safe. Moreover, the ability to pre-order meals ahead of time cuts down on the amount of food waste in your facility. Knowing exactly how much food to order, prepare and produce, with Choosi app intelligence, gives your school the empowerment to make the necessary changes that saves you time and money.


Following the Data

Quite possibly the biggest advantage of using a data-driven solution is that the more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. As more and more data is fed into the system the data you get out of it is more complete. The students at your school are creative, unique, and individual. Their data will automatically help you tailor meal programs to their taste.

But even more than the impact that this data has on the participation in your meal program, the integrated analytics and reports will help you to leverage food quality ratings, nutrient information, and cost into powerful metrics you can use to guide future decisions.

A Partnership for the Future of K-12 Meal Programs

This joint venture between inTEAM and HUBERT® is solely focused on proving a complete solution to help usher education professionals into the future of meal service in k-12. By leveraging the strengths of the inTEAM developers and the HUBERT® education division experts, we were able to provide what we feel is the best, and only, end-to-end solution to help feed students.

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As always at HUBERT®, we are here to help address real challenges and make a difference. Please contact us for new ideas, trends, and solutions for today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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