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Whether you're replacing all your trays and platters at your foodservice facility or adding items to your stock, researching your options is essential to avoiding buyer's remorse. And since so many restaurants, catering companies, and foodservice establishments are trading in their traditional china and plastics for melamine trays we thought we'd answer some FAQs and highlight some of the best products on the market.

Click any of the questions below and get immediate answers around melamine trays:

  1. What are the benefits of melamine?
  2. Is melamine actually food safe?
  3. How do you care for melamine trays and platters?
  4. What are the best melamine trays?

Benefits of Using Melamine Trays & Platters

French Bread

So, since there are so many business owners switching to melamine, we have put together some of the benefits and frequently answered questions. The capabilities of melamine allow a more customized display, dining, and serving experience for your guests.

The other benefits of melamine trays and platters include:

French bread pans are perfect for baguettes! But on the versatility side, they can't be used for much more than that. In spite of their one-purpose use, the French bread pan is a favorite because it helps make superior baguettes.

  1. Versatility: Melamine comes in many different options of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes. It can be made to look like other materials.
  2. Durability: Melamine is lightweight, making it easy to transport. It is extremely durable and is difficult to scratch or chip.
  3. Affordability: Melamine is an economical option to other materials and due to its durability, does not have to be replaced as often as other options, such as china.
  4. Sustainability: Melamine comes in many lines, including biodegradable and eco-friendly choices.
  5. Safe-for-use: Melamine can be run through the dishwasher, is food-safe, and is temperature resistant.

Is Melamine Food Safe?

Sub Sandwich

Many people are concerned about whether melamine is safe to be used with food and the answer from the FDA is yes! Although it is recommended that you avoid putting any melamine products in the microwave, they can handle high temperatures without posing any risk. Melamine is almost always BPA-free or can be purchased in BPA-free forms.

You can be assured that when purchased from Hubert, these items will always be food-safe. You will not have to worry about any chemicals getting onto food, drinks, or other items transported on melamine trays.

How Do You Care for Melamine Trays?

Loaf Bread

Let's cut to the chase... you're probably wondering: is melamine dishwasher-safe?

The answer: Yes, which means investing in these trays can save valuable labor efforts and give your staff more time to attend to your customers.

Want to make your melamine trays last for years? There are steps you can take and "do's and don'ts" for taking care of melamine trays to extend the life of your products. If you plan to put items in the dishwasher, be sure to soak them first with a dishwashing detergent or scrub any stains with a light-duty plastic pad or sponge.

We suggest avoiding the following for melamine products:

  1. Abrasive cleaners
  2. Chlorine bleach
  3. Rough scrubbing pads
  4. Scouring pads
  5. Steel wool
  6. Conventional oven use
  7. Microwave oven use
  8. Serrated knife cutting

Which Are the Best Selling & Top-Rated Melamine Trays?

Once you've determined that melamine is right for your business, choosing the right product(s) is the next step. There are many different lines of melamine products to consider – from different eco-friendly options to various patterns and shapes and sizes. Fortunately, Hubert offers a large selection of melamine trays for your foodservice establishment.

Rectangular White Platter


Hubert Rectangular White Melamine Platter
This foodservice platter is simple and classic. It can hold a large amount of food and is a best-seller for its ability to be held and transported easily, as well as its ability to mimic ceramic.

  • Melamine is dishwasher safe
  • Material is virtually indestructible
  • Stain-resistant and easily maintained
  • Size: 22" x 12 3/4" x 2 1/8" (L x W x H)

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Rectangular Black Serving Board

Elite Rectangular Black Melamine Serving Board
This serving board is top-rated due to its durability and its eco-friendly design. It is made of both melamine and bamboo, which is a renewable material. It is an excellent choice for displays of fruit, cheese, and many other

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Size: 20 3/4"L x 9"W x 1/2"H

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Square White Platter

Dalebrook Low-Profile Square White Melamine Platter
This melamine platter has a unique design with a rim that helps reduce spills that has made it popular among foodservice establishments. It offers a classic design and is made of a material that is durable and heavy-duty.

  • Long-lasting material
  • Size: 14 3/4"L x 14 3/4"w x 1"H

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Square Cranberry Platter

Elite Sunburst II Collection Square Cranberry Melamine Platter
Many customers have chosen this beautiful serving platter for its attractive design that draws the eye. Not only does it look appealing, but it is crack and break-resistant, too. Its stylish color can add some pizzazz to your business and its durability is worth investing in.

  • Rubber feet offer stability
  • Heat resistant (not to be used in the microwave)
  • Size: 11"L x 11"W x 1 3/4"D

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White Melamine Tray

G.E.T. Bake & Brew™ White Melamine Tray
One of our most popular melamine trays, this beautifully designed tray has scalloped edges and a low profile. It is a frequent purchase for customers who want to showcase items on display, serve food to their customers and guests, and add a special, aesthetic appeal.

  • Break-resistant and durable
  • Heat resistant (not to be used in the microwave)
  • Beautiful design to showcase food
  • Size: 14"L x 11 1/2"W x 1 1/4"H

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