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Typically the first department that shoppers visit when entering your store, the experience you deliver tends to set the tone for their entire shopping trip. Explore our fresh ideas for your produce department or connect with one of our produce experts to learn ways we can help grow your business.

Front of the House Solutions

Produce Merchandising

Highlight your produce, cross merchandise related products, and easily display fresh grab and go options to offer your customers a lucrative and convenient shopping journey.

Meat and Seafood Signage and Labels

Produce Signage & Labels

Communication with your shoppers is crucial. Appeal to shoppers and showcase your fresh fruits and vegetables with modern produce department signage and labels.

Produce Packaging

Produce Packaging

With our wide range of fresh produce packaging supplies and produce packaging equipment, you can extend shelf life, improve point of sale displays and maintain the quality and freshness of your fruits and vegetables.

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It’s clear—transparency in the produce section continues growing. Shoppers want to know where their food comes from, if it’s non-GMO, organic, local, etc. As shoppers are beginning to become more health-savvy and show increasing interest in their diet, the produce section is the first place they are turning to. Spur confident, informed buying with proper signage and transparent packaging so shoppers know exactly what they’re buying.

Produce Packaging
Fruit Stand

Grow Loyalty + Decrease Shrink

Free Fruit For Kids Kit: Sales and reward programs may get customers through the door, but they don't create the emotional connections that drive long-term profits and loyalty. Shoppers form strong emotions about your store based on their experiences. Offering a Free Fruit Program not only shows a sensitivity to family needs, but also keeps kids happy so parents can get quality shopping done.

Customize Your Free Fruit Stand

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Back of House Essentials

More back-of-the-house essentials for your produce department:

Back-of-the house tasks include some of the most important operations that are unseen by customers, such as fresh produce preparation and inventory management. If the back of the house is running smoothly, so will the rest of your produce department. Provide your staff with the back-of-the-house produce essentials they need to make their jobs easier and keep them safe.

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