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Battling Depression in Geriatric Patients

Depression is a major issue for the elderly. For many geriatric patients in senior living communities, battling depression is a daily part of life. While the symptoms of depression are usually the same, the causes of these feelings can originate from many sources. Treatment for depression usually takes the form of two major directions; medicinal treatments and non-medicinal treatments.

Medicinal treatment can occur in the form of anti-depression medication, counseling, or some combination of the two. Non-medicinal treatments usually center on participation in some form of socialization with other people. Very promising results often occur when varied approache are taken to encourage socialization.

Creating Social Spaces

A coffee bar can help establish a social gathering space for seniors. These gathering spaces offer emotional benefits.

Battling Depression in Geriatric Patients

Encouraging Socialization as Non-Medicinal Treatment for Depression

There is no one cause for depression symptoms. The most important thing to understand is that depression is a medical condition. It is more than just being sad. The brain releases chemicals like serotonin and norepinephrine to control mood. When the chemical receptors cannot properly absorb these stimulants, or when the brain produces less than normal amounts of these chemicals, depression is often the result. Many studies have shown that socialization can increase the production of these mood-altering chemicals.

One prominent and well-received way to encourage socialization is to host special events. These events can vary wildly and can include holiday celebrations, birthday parties, dances, prayer groups, card tournaments, and much more. An easy way to support these events and encourage participation is to provide popular food and drinks.

The coordination of special events can be a time-consuming task. To help support these events, we suggest adding specialized areas that are suitable for multiple occasions. For example, a coffee bar is relatively easy to maintain and can establish a relaxed, comfortable, and familiar place for people to socialize.

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