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For more than 20 years, China has been the world's recycling bin. They've accepted an enormous amount of recyclable waste from nations worldwide. In 2016, China imported a total of 45 million tons of scrap metal, waste paper and plastic from across the globe. The United States alone exported 16 million tons of waste to China in 2016 (about $5.2 billion worth).

However last year, China decided they no longer wanted to play the role of the global wastebasket, sending shockwaves worldwide. Beginning January 1, 2018, it banned the imports of 24 categories of solid waste, which includes plastics, unsorted scrap paper and waste textiles.

Since then, there has been a mad scramble for alternative solutions for all the waste that's piling up. New mandatory commercial recycling measures have been put in place that will have a direct impact on waste management in the food retail industry. It is imperative to communicate these changes to employees and to train them in the new waste management protocols. Failure to comply with the new regulations could lead to substantial fines. See how these new recycling laws will impact your business.

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Easy 3-Step Recycling Collection System

Grocery stores generate consistently high volumes of cardboard, packaging materials and food waste. On average, 80% of a stores waste is readily recycled, but ends up in landfill. This makes them the perfect candidates for a strong waste recycling program. A well-planned 3-Step Collection System can dramatically increase your recycling capacity with minimal effort.

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Front of the House Receptacles

1. Front of the House Receptacles

Adaptable recycling containers with a front-of-the-house look and smart functionality. Designed with a food retail atmosphere in mind, we offer a line of bins suitable for all areas of your store. The visible colors and graphics will encourage use and look good while doing it!

Front of the House Solutions
Back of the House Receptacles

2. Back of the House Receptacles

Heavy-duty utility containers designed for recycling in back-of-the-house, high-traffic environments. These durable recycling receptacles are the perfect solution to ensure your color-coded recycling program is consistent across all areas and that consolidated recycling and general waste is managed efficiently in BOH areas.

Back of the House Receptacles
Tilt Truck

3. Movement & Disposal

Movement and disposal products to assist in the consolidation and pick up of waste streams. These heavy-duty trucks deliver the ideal combination of large capacity, robust design and easy maneuverability to further improve your collection efficiency.

Movement & Disposal

Hubert has teamed up with Rubbermaid to recommend the best products and solutions to facilitate recycling in your store. Check out this video to see how we can set you up for recycling success!

Additional Features for Recycling Bins:

  • Color-Coding – Having consistent color-coding across collection products is essential for a successful recycling program. It eliminates the notion that segregating is a tedious task.
  • Waste Stream Label Kits – Labels ensure waste sortation accuracy and increase recycling effectiveness.
  • Billboard Style Lids – Specifically designed to make recycling easier
  • Liner Cinches – Designed to hold the bag or liner in place so it doesnÃ??Ã?¢??t fall into the can. This prevents messes and additional cleanup for staff.
  • Vented Channels – Allow air to get around and under the liner while removing, making trash removal a less strenuous process.

Why Is It Important to Conduct a Waste Audit?

Smart waste practices can save your store money through reduced waste pickups and related costs. Many recyclable items can also be sold on the market as another source of revenue. Conducting a waste audit is an effective way to identify the amount and types of waste that are generated by your organization. The data collected from these audits can help reduce the amount of waste your store generates and identify potential savings and revenue opportunities. Use this calculator to figure out your waste diversion rate.

What we can do to help

In addition to our wide range of recycling bins, recycling containers and recycling systems, we have trained expert consultants on hand to help address technical issues, recommend equipment and provide options that will save your business money. With a solid understanding of recycling and waste management, they can help you implement a customized program specifically designed to handle your various waste streams and keep your store ahead of government mandates and regulations.

Please contact us at or call 1 (800) 543-7374 for more information on custom options or a broader range of recycling products and solutions.