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While schools move forward toward reopening, their staff is hard at work to develop and implement new policies and procedures. Much of this work is being done to reinvent one of the most basic of services; providing students with healthy meals, so they can have the greatest opportunities to learn. As part of our dedication to schools around the country, we are proud to offer these options to help guide others as they safely tackle these challenges.

Your School Feeding Program Starts Here:

  1. Modified Approach to Cafeteria Feeding
  2. Delivering Lunch to the Classroom
  3. Serving Students in the Hallway

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Social distancing guidelines require students to maintain a safe distance between each other; however, school cafeterias have a limited amount of space available. Combined with staggered schedules students are expected to continue to utilize the school cafeteria, but in substantially reduced numbers. Using crowd control measures such as retractable stanchions, signage for explaining new procedures, and portable hand washing stations, schools can direct the compliance to their new normal. We are here to help you, and here's how:


Consider this: Moving cafeteria tables into patterns that support distancing regulations can possibly make the most of the available space. Patterns like rotating every other table 90 degrees, or other methods of organization, can encourage compliance to social distancing policies.

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Breakfast in the classroom


Even under the most ideal situation, many schools will have too many students to feed than can be served in the cafeteria. To counter this reality, many schools are expected to implement food delivery to individual classrooms. Creative solutions are available to help get food from the cafeteria to the classroom. Here's how:

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Consider this: When moving food to the classrooms, it will be important to make sure that servings are individually wrapped or delivered in carryout containers. This will also help with portion control and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.
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Each school building and student body has specific benefits and challenges. When planning to feed students every day, utilizing the cafeteria and classrooms may still not be enough. In the event that other solutions fail to meet your needs, a hallway service program is recommended. Implementing a hallway program can be easier than you may think. Here's how:

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Consider this: Using mobile carts can allow you to adjust on-the-fly to any changes due accidents, spills, or other unplanned inconveniences that occur around the school. The flexibility to use new areas like gymnasiums or empty classrooms to serve food could be a tremendous benefit


As your premier foodservice supplier to K-12 and universities, our mission at HUBERT® is to provide solutions to current, industry-wide challenges. In the last few weeks we have taken a deep-dive into the strategies, precautions, and solutions that are needed as we all emerge from isolation. We have gathered insights from industry and governmental leaders like the FDA and the CDC. We have even reached out to our customers on the front lines who have worked tirelessly to feed families in need.

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