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Throughout healthcare facilities, including hospitals and senior living communities, foodservice solutions have included both salad bars and grab-and-go. As we continue to learn from industry leaders and compile guidelines for adjusting to the new normal, we believe that a few strategic solutions will allow for a careful relaunch for foodservice in healthcare.

Your Better Salad Bar Starts Here:

  1. Reinventing The Self-Serve Salad Bar
  2. Adding a Personal Touch
  3. Growing Your Grab-and-Go

salad bar


Self-serve salad bars have been a primary way to offer healthy food to customers for years. In many cafeterias, the presence of a salad bar has evolved from an expected food solution into a primary focal point. By reinventing how your salad bar operates you can keep the focus on healthy food and reduce the risk. Here's how:


Consider this: Communication is key and crucial to making customers feel safe. Make sure your customers know what to do, and educate them on the process. Using chalkboard signs will allow you to easily adjust your menu to quick changes in available options.

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salad bar


Co-workers, or residents, can become an extended family. You see their faces every day and have a connection beyond business. A few simple modifications to your salad bar can help you provide safety for your staff while maintaining that connection with customers. Use PPE to allow for a server to dish out food as it is requested. Here's how:

Employee Protection:

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Consider this: Spills and drips are inevitable if you are implementing new serving operations. Consider using anti-fatigue mats in these areas to ensure employee safety from slipping.

Containers and Pans:

grab and go


Grab-and-Go has likely been a part of your foodservice offering for some time. Modifying your salad bar into a safe grab-and-go station for pre-packaged, and pre-portioned food, allows you to meet the demands of the new normal. This may also include a permanent station to provide grocery items for staff members that don't have time to make a separate trip.

Elevator Pans:

Consider this: Chances are, this is brand new to not just your staff, but also your customers. So, we encourage taking it slow and testing these new concepts first. If your space allows, consider offering 2 concepts at the same time, such as grab & go and self-service in same bar to see what customers prefer.


At HUBERT®, our dedication to healthcare customers has never been stronger. We are committed to provide solutions to current and long-term, industry-wide challenges. As part of our dedication to you, we have researched countless industry thought-leaders for insights into strategies, precautions, guidelines, and solutions, for thriving in life beyond COVID-19. Among these trusted names are FDA and the CDC, as well as customers like you.

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