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Increase Breakfast Participation!

After listening to customers and immersing ourselves in the education environment we gained an understanding of key goals for fueling students focus and improving academic performance. We addressed key challenges by creating a solution that was lightweight and mobile giving operators the ability to bring students a nutritious breakfast. The Hubert breakfast cart will change the way your students eat breakfast!

WHAT IS A BREAKFAST CART? A breakfast cart is a portable service station that is fully stocked with healthy, easy-to-grab breakfast options. The cart is operated by school staff and is usually located in a high traffic area like hallways or main entrances. Mobile design allows breakfast to be brought to the students, helping to entice them to participate every morning. Don't limit your mobile cart to just breakfast! Get creative and use the cart to serve healthy snack throughout the day or during extracurricular activities.

Breakfast Carts for Schools: Style your Cart 5 ways!

Breakfast Cart
Coffee Cart
Yogurt on the Go
Lunch Cart
Concessions Cart

How to Maximize your Breakfast Cart

Our Breakfast Cart Calculator shows how an improvement in breakfast participation can have the unit pay for itself very quickly.

  1. Enter your current breakfast participation and school enrollment. This will give an estimated number of students who eat daily.

  2. Enter your average meal price to see what breakfast currently generates daily and annually.

  3. In the middle box, you will project your anticipated participation (or if you have data after implementation, this will let you see what you are currently doing). You will see the projections on the meal. The lower boxes will show you how much of an incremental growth you will have.

  4. You will then see the number of days you will need to re-coup the cost of the cart and your return on investment.






Let Us Help You Grow Your Breakfast Participation!

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