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Recent reports show almost 90% of hotels are working understaffed right now.

Keep this stat in mind as you keep reading, but first, let's start with some good news: business and leisure travels are lifting off. According to Destination Analysts, 76% of US travelers are in a "ready-to-travel" state of mind. On top of this, a recent study by SAP Concur also noted that 96% of business travelers are excited to travel again, even for work.

If you're a hardworking hotel owner, operator, or manager, then you know this means two things. First, there's going to be a huge surge of business, perhaps to rates even higher than the pre-pandemic days. That's the plus side. However, here's the realistic downside—if you're included in the 88% of understaffed hotels as previously mentioned, you're probably wondering how to handle all this extra foot traffic, housekeeping, and hungry travelers to feed.

As your hospitality experts—we're here to share some suggestions, hotel industry trends, and research on what other hospitality experts like you are doing to handle a travel surge while beating the labor crunch.

Hotels are getting creative, and you can too. Our main takeaways include:


The Hotel Industry Trend That's Here to Stay: Personalization

Guests hungry for travel want a bigger and better experience this time around—even more deluxe than their experience before COVID-19. Coined by the term "revenge travelers", heaps of those searching for both business and pleasure are looking for one new feature this time around—and that's more personalization.

Start incorporating a few methods to bring more personalization to your own hotel:

  • Send Pre-Stay and Post-Stay Emails
    Typically averaging an open rate around 50%, pre-stay emails are a great way to pinpoint everything from what beverage stations your guests would like to see in your lobby all the way to answering a few quick questions on what they'd like to see in your breakfast spread. Following up after a guest stay to ask for their feedback also helps boost your guest experience scores.
  • Set Up Coffee Bars and Stations in Hotel Rooms
    If you want to extend your java and joe outside of your breakfast bar's coffee makers, consider investing into in-room hotel coffee makers. While it may sound like an expensive task, finding the right coffee pots and to-go cups doesn't have to come at a huge cost, and we even offer deals when you buy in bulk on coffee items. Get started here.
  • Tailored Packages for Guests (Especially PPE)
    Perhaps a new staple moving forward, supplying your guests with PPE (personal protective equipment) is a bonus feature many hotels are already implementing into their practices. Again, when shopping through Hubert, this doesn't have to come at a high cost! Check out this trending PPE kit many hotels are already offering to guests and even staff.

Build Your Own Micro Market for a Better Guest Experience

As one of the latest trends in the hotel industry, you may wonder, "what is a micro market?".

Closely related to the vending industry, micro markets utilize automated self-checkout technology to operate in spaces that require unattended payment options. This allows you to offer your hotel guest the availability to shop through sundries, grab and go meals, ppe for covid, and over-the-counter items conveniently during any time of the day. Learn more about the full scope of what micro markets can offer to your existing hotel layout. If interested, you can start building your own micro market online right here.

Top Products Bought in Micro Markets

Micro Market Top Products

*Vending Market Watch

Micro Markets vs. Vending

Vending machines are quickly going out of style — and for good reason. If you've ever used one, you've likely been unimpressed with the limited choices or even had your money eaten as your bag of chips hangs behind the glass, never to be dropped below.

Your customers and employees have had these same experiences—which means investing in a micro market will be a welcome change.

Are micro markets worth the investment? Let's look at the numbers:

Average Monthly Profits

Micro Markets: $20 per customer

Vending: $7 per customer


Time Till Break Even on Investment

Micro Markets: 7.5 months

Vending: 17 months


Complimentary Breakfast Still Works: Here's Why

Did you know: 65% of hotel guests will choose one hotel over another, simply if they're offered a complimentary breakfast. The standards of breakfast bars certainly have changed in the past few years—from offering more hot meal items to serving grab and go meals. Find out more below on a few different ways to enhance your breakfast bar and bring something new to the table.

Products to Beat the Labor Crunch

We have a few different products, suggestions, and strategies that we recommend to our hospitality customers in a unique time like this. When labor is scarce but travel is on the rise, let us help you take some of the workload off of your employees' shoulders while still offering an immersive and positive guest experience.


Invest in New Equipment

Increase savings, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid breakdowns during peak hours by replacing old appliances with energy-efficient equipment with a longer lifecycle.

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Trends of grab and go show no signs of slowing down anytime soon in hospitality. Offer convenience while serving more guests, even while working understaffed.

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Find New Buffet Fixtures

Last impressions are as important as the first. If it's been a while since updating your buffet, now's the time! Reinvent your spread before the predicted heaps of travelers arrive.

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