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According to a recent study, the average shopping time of grocery shoppers is about 45 minutes. As each second counts during this visit, HUBERT’s signage is a quick, effective way to speak for your company.

Within these 45 minutes, shoppers spend an average of about 8 seconds making a purchase decision on each product. So, ensuring your store has impacting signage like literature holders, aisle markers and sign holders makes all the difference.

Product Hangers are a simple and effective way to lure customers in with short and sweet messages that leave customers asking for more information on your products. Chrome Sign Frames also offer a variety of options - from weighted base chrome sign frames to spruce up deli packaging stations, and adjustable stem chrome sign frames to attract by passers.

On weekdays, the most shopping activity is seen between the hours of 4 PM – 5 PM. While people are making their evening rounds, grab attention through LED signs, and entice hungry guests with Menu Boards and Accessories prompting them to pick up a quick dinner on-the-go. Think outside the box with HUBERT’s Outdoor Signs and create brand awareness with our wall mount sign holders.

Research also shows that shoppers report having a more enjoyable experience when they are given direction throughout the store. So, implementing Floor Standing Sign Holders is an easy way to assist with navigation through the shopper’s journey. Insert-Style Sign Holders can be used to direct customers to temporary pop-up sampling trays throughout the grocery store, while Floor Standing Easels indicate the right direction to the bakery or deli stations.

Looking towards the future in food retail, trend predictions forecast a surge in frozen food options due to consumer’s want for a quick, convenient, cheap meal to heat up on-the-go. We recommend HUBERT’s Suction Cup Sign Holders or Adhesive Sign Holders to effectively advertise frozen products. Add a pop of color with colored metal sign frames, or utilize empty bakery counters and deli space with Countertop Signs.

In a world where customers are exposed to hundreds of ads throughout the day, adding a personal touch helps in standing out from the clutter of competition. Countertop Signs offer Write-On options for pens, markers, chalk & accessories to keep customers informed on daily specials and more.  

Much like the shopper experience, retail signage and effective means of communications throughout stores is constantly changing. HUBERT’s innovative signage collections are a perfect way to get your message across and grab the attention of your customers.