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Did you know: new research shows that about 70% of hotel guests think the breakfast they are now being offered is too expensive.

Breakfast has always been coined as being the most important meal of the day. But, no one ever said anything about it turning into the most expensive meal of the day, too. However, as the dust is finally settling with COVID-19, the hospitality industry is quickly regrouping and circling back to its roots of serving a top-notch breakfast. Labor shortages coupled with supply chain issues has created some significant price increases on breakfast, and it’s leaving a bad taste in guests’ mouths.

Keeping this new research in mind, it’s clear that while many hotels are quickly beginning to make breakfast their main priority again, there are some definite new expectations your guests have this time around on quality and cost.

If you’re interested in discovering new breakfast bar ideas, current breakfast food trends, or learning more about the newly-found consumer feedback on hotels with breakfast, then let’s get cracking!

Breakfast Bar Basics

Breakfast Bar Basics

For those wondering—what is a continental breakfast? Here’s how we would define this tasty term:

Continental Breakfast Definition—a light breakfast offered in hotels—offering everything from coffee stations, hot breakfast items, and other traditional breakfast fare.

Typical hotel breakfast bar items and foods include—but are not limited to—breakfast breads and bagels, breakfast drinks like coffee, juice, milk and tea, breakfast meats like bacon, sausage and ham, cereals, and more.

If you’re interested in offering any of these items, we have all the products you need to make your displays look as good as your breakfast items taste.

Suggested Breakfast Items and Products For You

Breakfast Breads and Bagels ➜ Display Cases

Breakfast Drinks ➜ Beverage Stations

Breakfast Meats ➜ Chafers and Buffetware

Cereal ➜

New Statistics on Breakfast Bars

According to a recent study done by Edikio, your hotel breakfast plays a huge role in the overall guest experience.

A few shocking findings from their research concluded that:
80 Percent

Almost 80% of guests think this

70 Percent

70% of guests feel this way

AGAIN, IF�¢?�¦
50 Percent

Almost 50% of guests will come back to a hotel if they were satisfied with the breakfast

These number speak volumes—breakfast plays a huge role in the guest experience during their stay, and can even predict if they’ll come back again. If you’re interested in upping your breakfast food list, take a look at our next section to give you some tasty ideas, or get started on our hospitality page to discover our ideas and solutions.

Continental Breakfast Menu Idea Starters

From the many hotels we’ve worked with—to digging into new and trendy breakfast ideas, we found a few creative ways to make your existing breakfast program really sizzle. While the breakfast food list is endless when it comes to guests’ top picks, we created a few order guides to hit every nook and cranny to satisfy just about every guest’s palate.

How to Competitively Price Your Hotel Breakfast

As the data shows above, guests simply think hotel breakfast bars and continental breakfasts are getting a little too pricey. Here are a few ideas we have to stretch your bottom dollar without compromising on quality.

Serve the Favorites
(Without the High Cost)

Don’t shy away from serving hot breakfast favorites because you think it’ll burn a hole in your wallet. We have chafers, induction ranges, and more to keep food hot for hours—meaning less food will go to waste.

Working with Less Staff?

Fear not—we have a grab and go program that’s perfect for under-staffed hotels still wishing to provide fresh favorites to guests. View the full made-to-order program now.

Offer Complimentary Items

Although it sounds counter-intuitive as a way to save money—complimentary items go a long way for guests. In fact, almost 7 out of 10 guests choose one hotel over the other if there’s complimentary items. Looking for a good place to start? We recommend everyone’s favorite—coffee.

Provide Guest Convenience 24/7

Micro markets are exploding in popularity in the hospitality industry for their overall convenience and ability to stay open 24/7. As you can continue growing sales (even without staff), this gives your budget a little wiggle room to competitively price the items you’re selling. You can sell more than breakfast, too—check out all the hospitality merchandising ideas below.


New Consumer Behaviors: Signage and Pricing is Crucial

Price is always going to be an important factor to guests. To make sure you’re completely transparent—and to avoid confusion and miscommunication—we recommend adding price tags and other forms of signage to your items.

There are a few other new pieces of information that hotel guests are looking for during their stay. We’re in the age where everyone wants (and should want!) to know what exactly it is they’re eating. So, be sure to provide the following pieces of information on your items:

  • Food item/product name
  • Ingredients in your recipes
  • Origin/source of your local items and all other dishes

  • Translations for international customers
  • Multiple languages listed on labels for a diverse work staff

  • Allergens, calories, nutritional values, etc.
  • Preparation or cooking methods

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