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A Plan Geared Towards Moving Forward

As your premier foodservice supplier to K-12 and universities, our mission at HUBERT® is to provide solutions to current, industry-wide challenges. In the last few weeks we have taken a deep-dive into the strategies, precautions, and solutions that are needed as we all emerge from isolation. We have gathered insights from industry and governmental leaders like the FDA and the CDC. We have even reached out to our customers on the front lines who have worked tirelessly to feed families in need.

The HUBERT® CHARGE Action Plan outlines four initiatives for K-12 and universities, and follows with strategic solutions for implementing these guidelines.

CHARGE Initiative #1: Employee Safety
Employee Safety

Every employee in the school from administrators and teachers, to janitorial staff and foodservice personnel make it possible for the students to learn. Keeping employees safe has to be a top priority.

  • We have found that an abundance of personal protective equipment will be necessary for employees in many areas throughout each school building, and encompasses more than just foodservice employees. All staff has a right to be safe, and HUBERT® offers in-bulk quantities to support this effort.
  • For employees working in public-facing roles, safety shields are a quick and essential product solution. These can be used in cafeterias, at counters in libraries, office waiting areas, registers, and anywhere else you want to create a safe protected space for your employees. We offer different sizes and shapes to provide the best fit for your environment.
  • Touchless, automatic products help to limit the spread of germs and can reinforce the urgency behind many new practices as your staff adjusts to new protocols.
  • It's essential that employees working each day are healthy and symptom free. Proactively ensure the health of your customers and staff through precautionary measures such as taking temperatures before each employee begins their shift. Depending on state or local regulations, this may be mandated.

CHARGE product recommendations:

PPE-Aid Daily Sanitary Kit

HUBERT® PPE-Aid Daily Sanitary Kit


CHARGE Initiatives:

Consider this: Providing designated areas all around the school where staff can obtain PPE will allow for easier compliance to new guidelines for safety.

CHARGE Initiative #2: Student Safety and Wellbeing
Student Safety

The need to keep students safe has taken on several monumental challenges in recent years. Schools have evolved to meet these challenges by becoming more than sources for education. Schools provide nutrition services for breakfast and lunch during the school year and throughout the summer as part of a larger goal to ensure that students are healthy and ready to learn. HUBERT® strategies for student safety and wellbeing are closely tied to preparing body and mind so students can be their best.

  • Peace-of-mind is essential to providing an environment where young minds are able to grow. This mental health is supported by having confidence that the school is taking real steps to ensure safety. Adding hand sanitizing dispensers and disposable hand wipes throughout the building will become commonplace. Students will also feel comfort when they see cleaning processes occurring throughout the day for high-traffic areas.
  • Maintaining as much social distancing as possible in a school is one of the most difficult challenges as we move forward. Careful crowd management practices like creating one-way staircases, and establishing enter and exit-only doorways to large rooms like cafeterias, gyms, auditoriums, and lecture halls, will be critical to manage crowd flow. Retractable stanchions in conjunction with floor marking and signage will aid in guiding crowds in proper behavior.
  • Many schools are also turning to a mobile ordering system and carefully staggered lunch schedules to accommodate the new distancing requirements. In addition to these steps, providing more food stations throughout the building, like in halls or unused classrooms, will reduce the burden on a single cafeteria to serve food to the student body.

CHARGE product recommendations:

Consider this: Brightly colored floor marking can help to provide instruction to control traffic patterns inside school hallways while staggered class dismissal times help to limit overall traffic.

Credit: FDA
CHARGE Initiative #3: Cleaning and Sanitizing
Cleaning and Sanitizing

It is hard to find any areas in a school, especially in K-12, where students won't congregate. This means that cleaning and sanitizing procedures will have to include almost every inch of each building on campus.

  • It will be helpful to have a deeper inventory of cleaning supplies, but also consider adding additional supply storage areas in bathrooms and places where food is distributed. Lockable cabinets can often fit under sink or counter areas to safely store supplies.
  • Schools just weren't designed with sinks around every corner. This means that bathroom sinks will become over-crowded as students and staff increase the frequency that they wash their hands while keeping up with new guidelines. To help solve this, portable handwashing stations can be added in areas where bathrooms are far apart.
  • High-touch areas exist everywhere in a school. Dozens of doors, windows, handrails and desks will see a lot of traffic and will need to be sanitized several times a day. For this reason, we are able to offer a mobile sanitizing cart to help keep staff and students safe.

CHARGE product recommendations:

Consider this: It may be necessary to extend the time between classes to give students and teachers time to clean and sanitize desks and surfaces before the next class begins.

CHARGE Initiative #4: Communication and Education
Communication and Education

Signage performs a vital role in our society and this is no different inside schools. As procedures are developed to keep staff and students safe, it is the role of the school to keep everyone up-to-date on these policy changes.

  • The increased importance of reminding students to wash their hands will demand that more signage is used. This need will expand if additional hand washing station are added inside cafeterias or other food distribution areas.
  • New signage relating to proper spacing in the hallways, at school lockers, and assembly areas are highly recommended, and expected to be a part of the new normal.

CHARGE product recommendations:

Consider this: Parents and grandparents also attend special functions and they will also need to be informed about newly established procedures.

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