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There are many uses for food packaging in a kitchen or foodservice establishment, making them one of the most vital and versatile tools. Whether you're packaging up leftovers for a guest sitting in your restaurant or pre-packing grab-and-go options, having the right type of boxes and containers is essential.

Hubert offers a wide range of grab-and-go packaging, including:

What Are Carryout Bowls & Lids Used For?

During a time when takeout and "on the go" options have never been more popular, making these choices readily available to customers and guests means more sales and more food out the door. Most establishments offer carryout options to guests as part of a "to-go" offering or for delivery. You may even need to offer a container for leftovers after someone has enjoyed a meal and not finished their food.

Popular Features of Carryout Bowls & Lids

Pros and Cons

Every type of container is different and can be used for a distinct purpose. For example, carryout bowls and lids are typically made of a thicker type of plastic than other types of containers so that they can withstand travel. These types of containers often come with a hinged lid.

A few features of carryout bowls and lids include:

  1. They can be transported easily and won't spill
  2. They typically have a matching container and lid that go together
  3. They may have one section or multiple sections for different foods

Pros and Cons of Carryout Bowls and Lids

Because there are many different situations that require packaging food to go for your guests or customers, you should always have a variety of carryout bowls and lids in different sizes and shapes on hand. Having multiple options of containers means that you will be able to reach for the right type of container and not waste a large container on a small amount of food or have to stuff a large serving into a tiny container.


  • Available in multi-compartment options
  • Comes in clear packaging options so you can see what's inside
  • Available in a multitude of sizes


  • Typically, cannot be microwaved or put in the oven
  • They are most often disposable and cannot be re-used
  • They may not be appropriate for meals of all sizes

Top Selling Carryout Bowls and Lids

Restaurants and foodservice establishments are doing more takeout or carryout business than ever before, putting these types of containers in high-demand. Whether you are looking for containers to supplement your business or are no longer serving guests in-house, ensuring you have the right carryout containers on hand is important.

Here are some of our top selling products:

Octaview 20 oz Black Polystyrene Hinged Take Out Box

PresentaBowl 12 oz Clear OPS Plastic Carryout Bowl

Hinged 26 oz Black Polystyrene 2-Section Lunch Take Out Box

What Are Soup Cups & Lids Used For?


With the weather warming up, soup is becoming more popular as a menu item, especially as a "grab and go" offering. Many restaurants and foodservice establishments offer soup on their menu throughout the year. Soup is easy to prepare in bulk, and you will need plenty of soup containers on hand for customers who choose to take soup to go.

Popular Features of Soup Cups & Lids

There are many features to consider when purchasing soup cups and lids for your restaurant. Soup containers must be sturdy enough to keep the soup warm for as long as possible, as well as prevent it from leaking out.

A few features of soup containers include:

  1. Some soup containers are compostable and eco-friendly
  2. Many soup cups and lids are insulated
  3. Material choice: plastic, foam, or paper

Pros and Cons of Soup Cups & Lids

Whether you're pre-packaging the soup and putting it in a refrigerator for customers to "grab and go" or offering fresh, hot soup, the container you use can make a big difference. The containers made for soup can also be used for a wide range of things, not strictly just soup.


  • Can hold liquid like soup safely
  • Holds food safely without leaking
  • Comes in a few different sizes for different size offerings


  • Some options are not re-usable or eco-friendly
  • Many containers are not see through, so you cannot see what is inside
  • There is a size limit to what can fit inside these containers

Top Selling Soup Cups and Lids

If you've ever gone to package a guest's food, only to find that you need a bigger container or something that can hold the food more effectively, you know the frustrations that can come with packaging. Understanding what type of packaging types are available and which might be right for what purposes in your restaurant is key to reducing waste.

Here are some of our top selling soup cups and lids:

16 oz. Styrofoam Soup Container with Lid

Ecotainer Polystyrene 12 Oz Soup Cup Flat Lids

16 oz. Clear Polypropylene Soup Container with Lid

What Are Chinese Food Containers Used For?

Chinese Food Containers

When someone talks about a Chinese food container, it likely brings a pretty standard image to mind. Typically, these compact boxes are used to pack rice, noodles, or other types of meals from Asian-style restaurants inside. They have been used for many years due to their ability to hold a large amount of food, keep the food warm, and when kept upright, prevent leaking.

Popular Features of Chinese Food Containers

Take out and grab and go packaging have been popular for quite some time, but since the Covid-19 pandemic, many restaurants and establishments have chosen to switch to takeout only menus or increase their takeout service. Having the right containers on hand is essential to allowing your guests to pick up their food and get it home to enjoy while it's still fresh and hot.

A few features of Chinese food containers include:

  1. Typically made of folded white paperboard, these containers can be opened up easily
  2. Many of these containers come with a handle (these can be carried, but the boxes with a handle cannot be microwaved)
  3. They are easily recognized by the printed designs on the side

Pros and Cons of Chinese Food Containers

When you are offering takeout or delivery, the type of container is essential to prevent spilling and ensure your customer gets the best-possible experience. Chinese takeout containers are one of the most distinct types of food packaging items. Although the "standard" style of this type of container is the box with the stamp or design on the side, there are a few different types of sizes and shapes available to meet your establishment's needs.


  • Can hold a wide variety of foods
  • Is available with or without a handle


  • These boxes cannot hold liquid items, such as soup or large amounts of sauces

Top Selling Chinese Food Containers

Many types of establishments use Chinese food containers in their businesses. Even if you don't sell Asian-style cuisine, this style container or box has versatility and can be used to sell and hold a wide range of items. Many businesses choose to use these containers due to their sturdiness and ease of use.

Here are some of our top selling Chinese food containers:

1 Quart Container without Wire Handle

1 Quart Container with Wire Handle

1 Pint Pagoda Paperboard Chinese Food Containers With Wire Handle

Half Pint Pagoda Paperboard Chinese Food Container With Wire Handle

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