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French fry holders add some pizzazz to the dining experience and communicate the style of your business. But they can do more than that, they can also cut down on access food waste by controlling proportions and make consuming food less messy.

A French fry holder is a container that will hold a specific capacity. Typically, a French fry holder is used to contain the food to a certain area on your dish. This can elevate the French fries by using unique shapes and even a cone that makes the fries stand upright. It is said that you eat with your eyes first and adding French fry holders to your business can increase the dynamics of your food presentation.

French fry holders have a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials they are made out of. Some are even disposable if you don't want to worry about the clean-up! In need of French fry holders?

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What Are the Main Benefits of a French Fry Holder?

A French fry holder, outside of being a stylish addition, has several benefits. By adding a holder, you are providing your staff with a natural measurement for food portioning. This will avoid food waste and overserving or undeserving your customers. A French fry holder cleans up the eating experience by neatly organizing your dish's side. You no longer have to worry about sauces or gravy from the other items on a plate contaminating the integrity of your crispy French fries.


1. French Fry Scoops

This is the French fry holder we are all most familiar with and was widely made popular in fast food restaurants. The high backs provide the perfect display while still giving the fries ample support. This became a classic for a reason: it's easy to hold in your hand and eat your delicious fries with ease.


2. French Fry Cups

French fry cups are ideal for providing a sturdy container to eat out of or take with you on the go. This is by far the most stable of the French fry holder styles. As an added benefit, this fry holder has a wider versatility as it can also be used to hold soups and a variety of sides.


3. French Fry Scoop Cups

A French fry scoop is shaped like a cup but has an opening that more resembles a scoop. This allows you to fill the scoop by literally scooping the fries into it. You can also have a larger capacity at the opening which provides a great-looking display for your fries. The cup-like bottom adds stability so you can stand it upright or lay it down on its side.


4. French Fry Cones

French fry cones provide an eye-catching display that elevates your fries. The cone display will allow you to use it along with a paper cone to make clean up easier or use the paper cones for a food truck or for customers to take your food on the go. The cone display holds your fries above the other items on the plate to keep them crispy.

American Metalcraft Stainless Steel French Fry Holder
American Metalcraft Stainless Steel French Fry Holder

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5. French Fry Bags

The French fry bag has some features of each kind of French fry holder. The bag provides a natural separation; however, you'll want to be careful if you are including items with sauces or juices on the same plate. The French fry bag really shines when you want your customers to have the option to take items on the go or if you don't want to wash a lot of different containers.

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