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If you work in any type of foodservice and still aren’t offering grab-and-go options, it’s time to start. As one of the fastest growing trends in all of foodservice, here’s a few reasons to step up to the plate and start serving customers more convenient, on-the-go food options.

Statistics about Grab and Go meals, full text below

What Is Grab-And-Go?


Premade or prepackaged meals and snacks offered as an alternative way for on-the-go dining.

Six reasons people prefer grab-and-go over traditional meals:

  1. Overall Convenience
  2. Safe serving and quicker access to meals
  3. Healthy choices
  4. Less expensive
  5. Fresher than fast food
  6. More options to choose from

Grab-And-Go by the Numbers

COVID-19 boosted the already rising trend of grab-and-go, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Grab-and-go meals have gone up 72% since the pandemic

Benefits of Grab-And-Go:

  • 80% of customers are more likely to choose a business that provides measures of safe serving and grab and go options.
  • Foods are 51% more likely to get bought when marked with a “ready to eat” label
  • Grab-and-go meal sales trend higher as the day progresses:
    • 57% prefer breakfast to go
    • 76% prefer lunch
    • 81% prefer dinner to go

Common FAQ’s of Grab-and-Go Meal Programs

What grab-and-go items do people want?

  • Most people want healthy sandwiches and salads
  • Many also like having fruits and vegetables
  • Some are looking for sweets and indulging snacks

What items are used to create a successful grab-and-go program?
Three most common types of products in grab-and-go:

  1. Packaging for hot and cold foods
  2. Food labels
  3. Disposables such as utensils, cups, bowls and lids

Start Your Own Grab-and-Go Program

We have experts who specialize in launching grab-and-go food programs in a wide variety of foodservice spaces. If you’re interested in getting professional consultation for your own program, we’re eager and ready to help.

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