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Has your day to day life been affected by the labor shortage and supply chain issues? Chances are it has—as this chain of events seems to be spiraling into every corner of every industry. Even before the pandemic, many industries such as healthcare and education were struggling to keep long-term employees. Due to COVID-19 and many other related issues, the labor shortage has pressed on, leaving employers, managers, owners, and operators looking for solutions.

Peruse our infographic to learn about reasons why employees aren't returning to work, statistics of the labor shortage in 2022, and solutions to help with this difficult time.


Labor Shortage 2022: How Is it Affecting Industries Nationwide?

  • Employees are facing record-high levels of burnout
  • Current wages for many simply aren't enough
  • Employers are trying to find solutions to work smarter, not harder
  • Changes across industries are making workers rethink their careers

The Great Resignation

11+ MILLION PEOPLE: Have quit their jobs from April-June in 2021
94% OF BUSINESSES: Say it is difficult to find new workers right now

What Industries Are Facing Staffing Shortages?

25% of all U.S. hospitals said their staffing shortages have hit critical numbers

44% of public schools are struggling to fill teaching positions, with 61% of those schools identifying COVID as the cause.

74% is currently the overall employment turnover rate in the hospitality industry.

6 Reasons Employees Aren't Returning to Work

  • Retirement or early retirement
  • Desire for higher pay
  • Burnout/stressful work environment
  • Minimal opportunities for growth
  • Inefficient manager communication
  • Scheduling difficulties

Solutions to Navigate the Labor Shortage

MICRO MARKETS: Reduce labor and stay open 24/7.

OUTDOOR DINING: Although labor shortages may cause longer wait times, outdoor dining is proven to still increase guest satisfaction scores.

CHOOSI: Decrease waste and labor while streamlining school meal services.

GRAB & GO MEAL PLANS: Cook prepackaged meals ahead of time and offer fresh convenience.

Information gathered from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Statistics provided by HHS
Statistics provided by Daily Pay
Statistics provided by U.S. News

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