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How to Start a Smoothie Program in Your K-12 School, full text below

The Quick Answer: Absolutely! Kids love them.

Here's why:

Smoothie sales across the U.S. are up 84% in 2021 and current estimations suggest the consumption in 2022 will continue to rise.

In addition to being quick and easy, smoothies:

  • Offer versatile menu and meal options throughout the day
  • Allow you to serve students outside the cafeteria—in the hallways and classrooms
  • Increase nutrition of students, including protein, fiber, and minerals
  • Offer increased dairy consumption
  • Reduce produce waste (using up fruits and veggies)

Smoothies Can Be Reimbursable


Depending on your state—and the types of smoothies, grade level, and dairy content—you may be eligible for meal reimbursement. Check out your local state offerings to learn more.

Sneaky Greens? They'll Never Know!

Depending on the menu you choose, smoothies can have all types of ingredients in them, including a variety of leafy greens and vegetables.

When smoothly blended with yogurt, milk, and fruit, vegetables like avocado and spinach will be virtually undetectable and add significant nutritious value.

In fact, 84% of children in one study tried a green smoothie when offered to them.

5 Easy Steps to Start Your Smoothie Program

  • Get the right type of cups and supplies to serve your smoothies:
    • Disposable plastic cups
    • Disposable paper cups
    • Ladles
  • Research and purchase types of blenders for making nutritious and delicious smoothies:
    • Upright blender
    • Vitamix blender
    • Immersion blender
  • Create a diverse menu and choose fruits, vegetables, and dairy items to serve your students
  • Create signage directing students to the type of smoothies you have, what days they'll be available, and how to pay for them.
  • Establish a way to transport the smoothies once they have been made or set up one easy place for students to come and pay for and collect their smoothie.
    • 3-tier cart with wheels
    • Cart with solid top
    • Smoothie cart

Taking the Guesswork Out of Smoothies: Hubert's Smoothie Kit

Hubert has worked to take the shopping and guessing out of putting together a smoothie program by establishing a pre-built smoothie kit. Don't waste time scratching your head wondering which blender is best or which type of supplies will keep your smoothies fresh—we've done the work and we can help.

See Smoothie Kit

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