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Your commercial kitchen equipment gets used a lot! Oven, refrigerator, and freezer doors can get opened and closed hundreds of times per day. Employees can misuse expensive equipment. And large equipment doesn't always get cleaned often enough. That wear and tear can reduce the life of your commercial kitchen equipment. If your budget is limited, you'll do anything to help extend the life of your equipment and avoid having a costly replacement on your hands.

Did you know? The average life expectancy for commercial equipment is around 10 years.

Most commercial equipment is made for high-volume use, but you could be needlessly wearing down your equipment faster. This can lead to costly repairs, interruptions in sales if your equipment is out of commission for a while, and it may ultimately lead to replacing your equipment early.

At Hubert, we know that you don't have an unlimited budget to replace equipment when it breaks down unnecessarily. That's why we not only want to provide high—quality equipment at an affordable price, but also tips on how to help your equipment last an additional 5—10 years!

1. Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the old saying goes. And the same is true with your commercial equipment. It may cost you a little now to keep up with the basic kitchen equipment maintenance, but it is far cheaper than letting the small things go until you need to replace the entire commercial oven or freezer. By performing routine maintenance, you're making sure your equipment remains in optimal operating conditions. Make sure you are keeping detailed records of past maintenance and servicing done on each piece of equipment. It's also a great idea to plan and schedule out maintenance so you don't fall behind.

2. Utilize Replacement Parts

It may take a little bit of effort to figure out which part is broken and get a replacement, but likely the rest of your equipment still has some life in the rest of it. Don't give up on the entire piece of equipment when it may be just one part of it that is broken. Visit the manufacturer to secure replacement parts and recommendations on certified repair technicians.

3. Catch Problems Early

Regular Maintenance

This means making a plan to check the temperature, calibrate defrost times, checking door gaskets for wear, cleaning condenser coils, and drain lines. On ovens this means making sure they are cleaned with the right products, removing any built—up debris, and checking wires. By setting aside time each month to check up on all your equipment, you can catch repairs before they get too serious.

4. Check the Equipment Manual for Tips & Advice

Equipment manuals often have tips and best practices for optimal operation. If there are any tips from the manual that your staff isn't regularly following, take the time to educate them on the proper use and any maintenance of that specific equipment.

5. Deep Clean Your Equipment Regularly

Clean Equipment

If you have a fryer there is no better example of how cleaning can impact the life expectancy of your equipment than that. Grease can build up and not only will be a fire hazard but will also impact the effectiveness of the fryer. Make sure your staff is informed on how to do both a daily clean and a deep clean of each piece of equipment.

If you've already missed a few of these tips and your equipment is beyond saving, you can check Hubert's latest deals and low prices to get the most out of your next piece of commercial kitchen equipment.

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