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Innoseal Bag Sealer

We understand that feeding customers and staff every day is an incredible feat, regardless of the industry or type of business you run. With everything that goes into your facility's foodservice program - planning, prepping, cooking, and serving—you don't have time for tools and processes that slow you down.

No matter whether you're offering grab and go food in a hospital, a school, or a restaurant, as foodservice staff, sealing bags is a repetitive, physically demanding action. Sealing bags manually takes time, causes discomfort, and can lead to contamination concerns.

By streamlining the sealing process with the Innoseal® Bag Sealer, your team will spend less time fidgeting with ties and tabs—and more time efficiently getting everyone fed.

What is the Innoseal® Bag Sealer?

The Innoseal® Bag Sealer is a tamper-evident bag closing system that uses a unique, resealable tape and paper combination to seal plastic bags - delivering a safe, reliable and fast closure that is easy for students of all ages and abilities to open.

Innoseal Bag Sealer


More than Just a Sealer - It's a Safety Item

When it comes to wrapping food for your customers, safety will always come first. During distribution, your packaged goods are exposed to countless bacteria and plenty of less-than-ideal situations. The only way to protect them is through a reliable seal. Innoseal® delivers a virtually air-tight seal for the ultimate level of protection and freshness.

Seal Individually Bagged Items

Seal Individually Bagged Items:

  • Prepackaged Breakfasts
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Cookies
  • Cheese
  • Sandwiches

Perfect for School Nutrition Programs:

  • Grab & Go
  • Share Carts
  • Mobile Feeding
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Programs

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Cut Production Time in Half with the Innoseal® Bag Sealer

The Innoseal® bag closing machine comes preloaded with closures - making it fast, easy, safe and ready to use right out of the box. With its ergonomic design and patented paper and tape combination, the sealer delivers enough efficiency to cut production time in half, while providing a solid seal every time.


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  • Tamper Evident: The Innoseal Bag Closure assures that the intended customer is the first to open each bag to ensure protection and product security.
  • Easy to Open: Customers don't have to tear bag or cut tape to open.
  • Safety: Innoseal tape and paper closures eliminate rusting and puncture hazards of metal ties and the swallowing risk of plastic tabs.
  • Resealable: Students are able to reseal their bags and save their food for later, which reduces waste.

  • Waste Reduction: Thanks to its lower mass and volume, the Innoseal is the greenest system available today. Landfill waste is reduced by more than 60% over twist ties and 90% over plastic tabs.
  • Easy Operation: Simply wrap the food, give the bag a twirl and run it through the sealer for a tight and reliable seal.
  • Increased Efficiency: The bag closure system packages in less time than twist ties and tabs.
  • Fresher Product: The virtually airtight seal from the Innoseal® bag closure keeps product fresher for longer.
  • Compact Size: The sealer takes up little table space so you won't need to dedicate an entire portion of your kitchen to seal products.
  • Reduced Cost: Cost reduction and efficiency is delivered directly to the user.
  • Sustainability: No electricity required. 75% of inner packaging is eliminated - reducing our global, carbon footprint.

Innoseal® is the Best Bag Sealer for School Services

Ultimately, the equipment you choose to package your food is what makes or breaks the quality when it reaches the hands of your customers, patients, students, and employees. So - when you take all of this information into account, it becomes very clear which method comes out on top. While tape and paper sealers may not be as traditional as twist ties and clips, they certainly have the upper hand.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It:

Companies across all industries we serve, including schools, healthcare facilities, foodservice businesses, (and more!) have had much success with the use of the Innoseal® bag closing system.

When we began using Innoseal® we limited it to under 19 schools. However, due to the success and usefulness of the product - we expanded the availability of Innoseal to all 200 + school sites.

- Palm Beach County School Food Service

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