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Self-checkout has become more common over the past few years in grocery stores, hospitals, office buildings, and more—offering relief to the labor shortages many businesses are facing. Micro markets offer a simplified form of self-checkout, allowing customers to grab the items they need and pay for them without the help of your staff.

Micro Market Options


Which type is right for your staff and customers?

After customers finish their shopping, they pay via a contactless self-checkout kiosk. There are four main variations of micro market payment kiosks.


Cash Payment

1. Cash Payment Kiosk

With cash kiosks, customers insert paper bills or coins into a kiosk which then returns the change by a dispenser. This payment system has remained in effect because it gives customers a feeling of familiarity and security. However, it does require more maintenance to manage the cash in the machine and count the deposited bills.


2. Prepaid System

Through a prepaid system, customers can manage their account balance online then use those deposited funds to make purchases using a card, badge, pin, fingerprint, or other identification methods. This method is ideal for workplace micro markets that give employees a spending stipend. It is also a way to encourage customer loyalty.


Cash Payment

3. Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are also the most popular way for consumers to shop at micro markets, accounting for 49 percent of transactions, according to Vendor Market Watch. This swipe-based or chip insertion method is fast and convenient for customers, but, unfortunately, it is also associated with multiple merchant fees that can quickly add up.


Store and Secure

4. Mobile Payments

Businesses can continue encouraging contactless service by employing a mobile payment system. Tools like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa Checkout, and MasterCard Contactless offer a way for customers to pay just by holding their mobile device like a smartphone or smart watch near the checkout kiosk.

Current trends showed that there were 92.3 million NCF mobile payment users in 2020, according to TechCrunch. This number is predicted to rise to 125 million users by 2025. Micro market owners that want to use this method should also continue offering other payment options like credit or debit cards as a large portion of the population still hasn't fully adopted NFC payments.


Secure Your Profits: Switch to a Micro Market

Unattended vending options like micro markets are perfect for businesses looking to make the switch from manned stations to self-checkout. Micro markets have transformed retail and vending service and allow customers to easily make purchases.

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