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Holiday decorating ideas are all the rage throughout the year, especially during the months of October, November, and December as people get ready to celebrate the holidays with their families. People choose each item carefully to decorate the inside and outside of their homes, from hanging tinsel on the tree to each item they place on the mantle.

Likewise, when customers and guests visit your establishment, they notice your holiday decorating ideas. They may feel like you are more in the holiday spirit, have a better overall experience, or simply notice that you have put more of an effort into your interchangeable holiday décor throughout the year as the seasons change.

Do Holiday Decorations Make a Difference in Sales?


The simple answer: yes.

Imagine walking by two stores or restaurants during the busy holiday season and trying to decide which one to enter. Perhaps they both offer a similar meal or item for sale. Then you notice that one of the locations has made the effort to decorate with some holiday-type scents, holiday décor items, and created a lovely ambiance for their customers.

It may seem silly to make such a comparison, but many people do not realize what a difference décor can make, especially during the holidays. When asked to make such a comparison, you would likely want to go inside the store or establishment that has created that warm, inviting feeling. Purchasing holiday décor sets your business apart, increases employee morale, and sets a tone of overall holiday cheer. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to step inside your business but also stay inside and spend more money if you decorate for the holidays.

A few main elements of holiday decorations for restaurants and foodservice providers are:

1) Holiday table décor:

  1. These items can be used to decorate buffet tables, serving tables, and even tables used to sell extra items, such as baked goods or merchandise. Even the smallest touch can help your tables stand out and look festive.
  2. A few of our most popular table décor items include:

2) Holiday door decorations:

  1. Decorating the doors throughout your establishment, such as in entryways, restrooms, and key areas is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit.
  2. A few of our most popular holiday door décor items include:

3) Holiday bathroom décor:

  1. You may not think of the bathroom of your restaurant or establishment as an important room to decorate. However, carefully placed decorations throughout the holiday months can make a difference and be remembered positively by guests.
  2. A few of our most popular holiday bathroom décor items include:

4) Candles and lights:

  1. Do not underestimate the power of well-placed lights and candles. Having different light sources adds to the ambiance of your establishment and certain items can add to the aesthetic of your décor, such as a colored candle holder or votive.
  2. A few of our most popular candles and lighting items include:

5) Holiday signage:

  1. Signs are an excellent way to draw attention to different deals you want to highlight or simply spruce up various areas of your establishment throughout the holiday season.
  2. A few of our most popular holiday signs include:

Your Business Benefits from Holiday Décor


No matter the type of establishment you have or the clientele that you expect to walk in your doors, having interchangeable holiday décor throughout the year can only benefit your business. Purchasing these products from a reliable company is essential as well to ensure the quality of the items so that you can use them year after year. From the "standard" items such as a tree and garlands to more subtle decorations like vinyl and magnetic signs for your transportable carts, there are many ways to show customers and guests you care about the holidays.

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