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Delivering meals to patient rooms has become increasingly difficult. Many hospitals have benefited from dedicated meal delivery carts that do not leave high risk floors, rather than transporting them back to the kitchen after each service. These steps, when combined with increased cleaning procedures, have had a positive impact on limiting the possible spread of pathogens.

  • Transporting Food From the Kitchen
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Protection for Staff

Transporting Food From the Kitchen

Transporting Food From the KitchenAny time objects are moved in and out of high risk areas, there is a potential that pathogens be spread. In many hospitals, this has presented specific challenges when attempting to provide meals to patients.

In some cases, a whole new meal delivery protocol had to be implemented. One popular approach has been to dedicate meal carts to specific areas that could be classified as high-risk environments. This way the food from the kitchen only has to be taken to one area to be offloaded. From there the dedicated carts can be taken to individual rooms. In other areas cart covers have been used to help reduce the possibility of cross-contaimination.

Kingwood Emergency Hospital has an excellent guide to maintaining food delivery safety during Coronavirus. Read More
Following Social Distancing Guidelines
Sometimes increasing your inventory of washable trays can remove the bottleneck that can occur during long wash cycles.
Adding tray drying racks to your wash station can also help with cleaning turnaround time.

Cambro Meal Cart

Cambro Meal Cart
  • Low-Profile styling
  • Locking casters
  • Handles on both ends

Disposable Containers

Disposable Containers
  • 200 per case
  • Stacking rims on all size
  • Double lock or Snap-It® closure

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing procedures are nothing new to hospitals, and certainly not for equipment, trays, plates and other items that may have been in a contagion-rich environment. But, there are always opportunities to improve upon safety and efficiency. To help address these challenges, it is helpful to break your cleaning requirements into two categories: small areas,and large areas. From there finding the most effective solution for each is made much easier.

The CDC has released a list of everyday steps for disinfecting a facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these suggestions may already be in place, but staying up-to-date on CDC recommendations is a great suggestion. Read More
Limiting Surface Contact & Cleaning / Sanitizing
Adding extra foam hand sanitizer stations shows your dedication to safety.
For smaller areas that may be difficult to reach a fogging sanitizer could be a perfect fit.

Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing Wipes
  • 95 wipes per canister
  • Controls cross contamination
  • Sanitizes hard, non-porous surfaces

Pump Backpack Sanitizing Sprayer

Pump Backpack Sprayer

  • 8 pumps gives you 45 psi
  • Adjustable shoulder straps are padded for comfort
  • 53 1/10" hose length

Protection for Staff

Nothing tells your staff that you care about their safety more than making sure they are protected. Wearing protective equipment isn't new but when delivering meals in high-risk areas of a hospital, taking extra precautions just makes sense. As demand has risen for hospital protective equipment, a new emphasis on building up stock of critical items has come to the forefront. Now is a great time to build your stock levels.

OSHA has its own guidelines regarding control and prevention related to the spread of COVID-19 View Latest Guidelines
Menu Planning and Prep
KN-95 masks have received authorization from the FDA for use againstCOVID-19.
Face shields offer superior protection when worn with a mask.

Isolation Gowns

Isolation Gowns
  • Comes in a pack of 15
  • Waterproof
  • Non-sterile, FDA registered

Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves
  • 100 per case
  • 4 mil thick nitrile
  • Non-latex

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